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Paper writing services scams

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"They refused to give me a refund says RippedOff, "and said that I could claim a discount, but only off the next purchase I made with them. I didn't want to take it any further because I was worried about being found out. The essay never arrived and I was 200 out of pocket.". So the prospect of shelling out for one of these essays is already looking pretty unappealing, paper writing services scams even before we consider the unpleasant possibility of, you know, being thrown out of university for wilful plagiarism.The websites advertise their essays as being "100 plagiarism free! which we can take to mean that they haven't been copied from a database, and aren't resold to future customers. But students would be very wrong if they thought this somehow put them on the right side of the rules. By presenting someone else's work as their own they would be in breach of any plagiarism policy at any university.

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Things go wrong at university family bereavements, personal crises, simple time mismanagement and the sheer stomach-turning, throat-constricting panic of being unable to produce an assignment on deadline statistics homework help online leads vulnerable students down this costly path. Now, three grand is worth a bit of customer service, right?Yet online forums are full of complaints about essays arriving peppered with spelling mistakes, arguments that don't match pre-approved propositions and the most common grievance results that don't match the promised grade. One user, who goes by the forum order paper legal definition name RippedOff, told me that when she complained about not receiving an essay on time, she was informed that the company had been unable to get in contact with her assigned writer.

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How much would it cost to have someone else do it for you? Well, if you're after a make essay longer tool first-class history dissertation written by an Oxbridge graduate and delivered in a week, according to one essay-writing company, it'll set you back a cool 3,430 just 145 less than an entire year's standard student maintenance loan. If you can wait a bit longer and you're only after a Desmond, you can get it for just under a grand. These prices must be out of reach for most students, but a quick online search of "essay-writing services" returns more than 31 million hits.Clearly these businesses are thriving so where are their customers? Where are the students who are shelling out thousands of pounds for a pre-packaged essay? The unhappy answer, I fear, is: wherever there are desperate students.

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Monday 6 February 2012.11 write essay in an hour GMT First published on Monday 6 February 2012.11 GMT. Printing two copies of a 35-page dissertation at the university library:.50.Wire-binding both copies: 18, four-pack of energy drinks and a packet of biscuits to make it through deadline night:.49. And there you have it the recipe for a complete dissertation comes in at under. But what price do you put on the sleepless nights, stressful supervisor meetings and 12-hour library stints?