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I have since I first heard. It's not an obscure mantra.Try it and you'll thing's gonna change my world. Submitted by: Steve. Beatles "And I Love Her the Misheard Lyrics: She gives me everything, and tender veal. The Real Lyrics: She gives me everything, and tenderly.The Story: It never crossed my mind that I might be wrong about these lyrics. I sang them, unexamined, for. 20 years before it dawned on me that my version was patently paperback writer beatles lyrics absurd. But hey, maybe tender veal is a British thing.

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This is sorted by song title only, not by song title and performer. So if two different performers preformed the same song, you'll see misheard lyrics for both on the same page (provided the song title was spelt the same both times, and misheard lyrics have been submitted for both!). Beatles "Across The Universe the Misheard Lyrics: Ooooh, David,. The Real Lyrics: Jai guru deeva.The Story: I was belting out in song in my room when I thought my roommate was gone. He was listeing to me from the hall as I was singing, 'Ooooh David!As soon as he could stop laughing, he corrected. Submitted by: PoKey_Penguin.Beatles "Across the Universe the Misheard Lyrics: My guru's name is Love, the Real Lyrics: Jai guru deva. The Story: Whenever I sing along to this companies writing business plans song ( one of my favorites) I sing these words.

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Topics: Entertainment, Music, the beatles, Video, Videos, Watercooler, YouTube. You're supposed to be able to hear "fucking hell" at 2:57 in "Hey Jude perhaps due to some kind of cock-up during the recording.To me it's buried so deep in the mix that I couldn't be sure what is there. It could be anything that has some vague "uh-ih-ell" sound.But this is the Beatles we're write an essay on socializing online and in person talking about, so elaborate theories are mandatory. Misheard lyrics (also called mondegreens) occur when people misunderstand the lyrics in a song. These are NOT intentional rephrasing of lyrics, which is called parody.For more information about the misheard lyrics available on this site, please read our FAQ. This page contains a list of the songs that have stories about their misheard lyrics submitted. Song names are sorted by first letter, excluding A and The.

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The Beatles take it easy during a break in rehearsals for the Royal variety show at the Prince of Wales Theater, London, England. As fans of, the Beatles celebrate the 50th anniversary of the band invading America with their mop-topped hair and infectiously catchy melodies, we decided to take a deeper dive into their impressive discography. Over the decades, the Fab Four's songs have been unpacked and analyzed and accused of everything under the sun far too many times to count.You can't talk about "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" without someone mentioning the LSD. We called on our biggest Beatlemaniacs to debunk and decipher some of the references write essay my favorite restaurant and hidden gems peppered throughout the years.Take a look and a listen. Bonus: 5 Facts You Didn't Know About The Beatles.