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Try and write the conclusion down on a piece of paper in your own words. Now, go back to the beginning of the paper and with the conclusion in mind, try and see how the author tries to take you pay for a philosophy paper there. In other words, think of the challenge as being akin to rereading a murder mystery novel: it was fun to try and figure out who the murderer was, you saw clues here and there, and perhaps you were able to figure out some but others. Now that you know who the culprit is, it can be fun to see how all the clues that you missed fit together (This approach is one reason why I don't like Agate Christie novels: it seemed to me that she never provided enough clues.Of course Im overstating my perception of her work but you get the idea: Its no fun reading something or watching a movie when the writer brings in a character right at the end with no previous connection to the story. Keep this in mind when you are planning your own essay!).While you are reading each paragraph, the first and last sentences will often provide you with key elements of the author's thought process; here you may find a conclusion or premise of an argument or sub argument. I should explain a few of these terms.

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So, without further ado here are a few tips on how to better understand philosophy papers. First, skim over the article in order to get a general idea of what the author is trying to say. Pay attention to the title and subtitles as they will often inform you of the area of inquiry (for example, the title of this piece gives you a pretty good idea what its about.) Pay attention to the opening paragraphs since authors will sometimes offer.or they will set the context of their paper (e.g., what area of concern their paper in, what issue it will deal with, or even who paper writing in english it is in response.). Working your way to the conclusion, you want to make a note of it: this is what the author wants to convince you. Underline it or highlight it (assuming its your own copy and not the librarys).

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Two bits of warning though. First: dont read while lying down on a couch or in bed. Youll probably want to drift off to sleep. Second, you will have to read each article more than once.Sorry, but as an old film professor told me once: "If a film isnt worth watching twice, it isnt worth watching once". Part of your difficulty getting used to reading philosophy filter paper online shopping is that the styles that you will encounter can be quite different than what you are familiar with. Styles can differ depending on the author's intended audience (Is it for laypersons, other philosophers, other professions etc.?) and whether the article is a translated work (Are you reading an English translation of a Greek text?). Even the century that the work is drawn from will affect your reading comfort level.As well, the particular school of thought that the author comes from can have significant impact on how the piece is presented (Is the philosopher from the Analytic or Continental tradition?). Finally, the authors own personality and style will often come through his/her writing. So, even though all philosophy papers have the intent to convince the reader of some point or other, how the author conveys his/her views can vary considerably. The use of complicated phrases or sentences, the development of complex arguments, combined with your limited experience, requires that you develop an active reading skill.

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How to Read a Philosophy Paper (including this one). By, jeff McLaughlin.University College of research paper on banking services the Cariboo, as a student who may be new to philosophy, the task of writing a philosophy paper is usually the first thing that youll focus on - and dread: "Gee, I have to write a 2000 word essay on Utilitarianism". However, what will become a more immediate concern to you is getting through your philosophy text without getting utterly disheartened and overwhelmed. It is often difficult for newcomers to philosophy to make sense out of some of the articles that you are asked to read.The difficulties that you may discover are often simply due your being unfamiliar with the writing styles of academic philosophers. In this brief discussion, Ill offer some suggestions on how to work your way through a philosophy article or chapter.