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In maths, they would need to follow the working-out, for example, and in English literature, it would be much more likely that a senior examiner would have to have a background in the subject to follow the mark scheme. Most markers are experts in their subjects.". Interpretation of the code seems to vary. The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance receives around 5m gcse scripts every year and employs 14,000 expert examiners."Expert examiners must have recent and relevant teaching experience for scripts with essay-type questions says a spokeswoman. Although AQA uses non-teaching staff without backgrounds in the subjects they mark, it says general markers are used in limited circumstances, such as language listening tests, where one-word answers are required.No need for experts, edexcel says its training means examiners are not required to be subject experts. The board trained 22,000 markers this year. The spokeswoman says: "93 of the people last year thought our training was valid and up to the job.". But pay for marking gcse papers the teacher we spoke to says the training she received was inadequate and did not sufficiently prepare her to do the job.

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"General markers" are permitted under the code and most boards employ them to mark short answers where mark schemes are well defined. An Edexcel spokeswoman says: "When you are marking short answers in some of the language and literature questions, if the mark scheme is as defined and accurate as it is required to be, then actually you don't need to have that experience. Experienced teacher-examiners like to mark the longer essays.". But the teacher we spoke to says she was required to mark essay-style questions and claims that many of those at the training day had neither a background in English nor teaching experience."General markers were marking extended answers worth a third of that whole american writers write my paper exam she says. A spokesman for the QCA says that markers of essay-style questions would be expected to have a background in the subject. "Examiners need to be senior markers if they are assessing extended answers.

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I was horrified to find that the vast majority had no experience of teaching. Many had responded to flyers they had seen at university.".The QCA code of practice, which regulates all exam boards, states that "examiners should have paid homework help online relevant experience where this is appropriate". But it is generally accepted by the boards that not all markers have to be teachers or have a background in the subject.

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This week, some 600,000 gcse students will receive their English exam results, but amid the joy and disappointment, fresh claims have emerged that raise concern over marking make the world better essay procedures at Britain's largest awarding body. Two years ago, Edexcel admitted using payroll staff to wade through a backlog of religious studies gcse scripts. This year, the employment of markers without relevant or recent teaching experience appears to be widespread in core subjects such as English.The experience of one new examiner, who wishes to remain anonymous, suggests that practices at Edexcel may have breached the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority's (QCA) guidelines that cover marker recruitment, training and monitoring. The teacher, who has 10 years' experience, says she wanted to mark exam papers because "naively, I thought it would help me teach English and I could share the insight with my students". She applied to mark English gcse papers at Edexcel, where exam scripts are separated for markers into three individual essay-style answers, each worth 25 marks of the total 75, and marked online.But she was astonished by the lack of organisation at the board and of expertise among the group of markers at the training day. She says: "I asked the group how many had experience of marking and had taught this particular syllabus.