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While lighter weight, cheaper sheets of paper are smooth, more expensive types have multiple textures from which to choose. Types of paper texture include linen, laid, coated -or shiny - and uncoated. When choosing your resume paper, feel the texture of each type of paper to choose the best one for you. Linen paper has textured lines on the top places to buy resume paper of the page that give it a more formal look.This texture of paper is often chosen for business letterhead and resume writing. Photo Credits, Images, suggest an Article Correction. For day-to-day printing and copying needs in your home or office, copy paper is both cost effective and efficient.

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However, if you are applying for a creative job, such as a graphic designer or advertising account executive, it might be more important to best essays about yourself stand out through creativity in color choice. It is a bold move but it might be worth it in the correct industry. Watermark, a watermark is a type of mark, typically a logo, which is placed on more expensive paper during its processing.The watermark is usually only seen when the paper is held up to light. It is not a requirement for resumes, however, it does show that the potential employee took the time and expense to purchase high-quality paper. Texture, the texture of a paper is the finish or feel of the paper.

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For example, most copiers use a light weight paper, such as a. These sheets of paper are flimsy and are easily moved through a machine.For a resume, however, a slightly thicker weight paper is typically used, such as a. This weight, or thickness, is a little sturdier than a.Weight, yet not as thick as card stock. The color used for a resume matters, almost more so than the weight.Traditional resumes are typically white, off-white, cream or light gray. Many argue that having a color that is slightly different than white helps a resume to stand out writing assignment introduce yourself in a large stack of papers.

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By Lynn Lauren, there are many different types of resume paper. Images, the first impression that potential employers receive of most job applicants is based on their resume. A resume is a one- to two-page document listing a persons job experience, educational history and special skills.Just as the wording used on the resume is important, the type of paper it is printed on is important as well. A serious job applicant should place importance on paper selection when preparing his resume.Weight, the weight do research paper apa style of a sheet of paper is measured, in the United States, as the weight of a 500-sheet ream of uncut paper. The thicker the paper, the more the paper weighs in large quantities.