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Companys image perception by the job seekers. Sources of Recruitment, present Employees (in-house recruiting unsolicited Applicants.Educational and Professional Institutions, public Employment Offices, private employment Agencies (Recruitment Consultancies). Employee Referrals, walk-Ins, job Portals, headhunting, selection Process.

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Recruitment is the process of professional will writing services ltd inviting applications for vacant posts in an organization, so creating a talent pool of candidates and making them apply for the vacancies of the organization. On the other hand, selection process involves several activities which ultimately lead to the final selection of the most deserving candidate among a pool of candidates (Bratton and Gold 2007). Recruitment and selection practices can best be catered with a proactive approach. Hiring at a last minute for an important position could prove fatal for an organizations prospects.Instead, companies should take time to build a talent pool for the vacancies that could arise in upcoming future so that they could reach to talented candidates at a proper time when a vacancy actually occurs (David Ingram 2012). (Figure-Recruitment and Selection Process factors Influencing the Recruitment Process-. Internal Factors, recruitment policy of the organization.Size of the organization the number of employees employed. Cost involved in recruitment, growth expansion plans of the organization. External Factors, supply demand of specific skills in the market. Political legal considerations such as reservations of jobs for reserved categories.

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A formal and systematic approach for recruitment and selection process is very important from an organizations point of view. A systematic approach always provides a strong foundation and brings stability to an organizations essential operations. As we all know that recruitment and selection process are an integral part of a companys HRM operations and demands a lot of time and attention of senior management.Nowadays many new practices have made their way into recruitment kernel such as e-recruitment, job portals, headhunting etc. Which have made the job of an HR Manager more challenging. . Recruitment and selection practices always hold the key for an organization success in a tough competitive world as these practices are responsible for the selection of key personnel.And since employees are the ones who work tirelessly for an organizations success, they hold the fate of the firm in their hands. Talented employees could be a source of competitive advantage for a company in the marketplace which further increases their demand and value. Manpower, as many companies claim, is the most important and valuable asset a company possess and this statement resume writing services chicago yelp couldnt be more appropriate in todays throat-cut competitive environment (David Ingram 2012). Recruitment and selection process are often presented as a combined set of practices which are closely linked and follow a sequence.

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