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Reimbursement and pay for performance paper

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There could be an impact of the health care quality and efficiency by providers getting financial rewards if they show better care for patients as well as showing quality of performance. P4P could affect the providers and customers by the measured performance, payment policy, and the involvement implementation matters. The P4P effects that will be seen in the future of health care is that the population will see that pay-for-performance will expand, especially the Affordable Care Act. A reimbursement plan that links payment to quality and efficiency as an incentive to improve the quality of health care and to reduce costs (Shi Singh, 2012).Pay-for-performance is being turned to by payers and those who make policies. The P4P initiatives objective reimbursement and pay for performance paper is to reimbursement to excellence and effectiveness to increase health care quality and to decrease costs. Agencies of the government are starting programs for providers to be encouraged to encounter excellent values.

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Text Preview, over the years there has been a buy a term paper college pervasive issue in health writing public service announcement lesson plan care because of the Pay-for-Performance (P4P) Programs. Pay-for-performance is defined as a plan of reimbursement that connects compensation to quality and effectiveness as a motivation to develop the health care quality as well as making a decrease in costs.Hospitals and providers are being encouraged by government agencies and individual health plans to encourage excellence standards. Pay-for-performance methods could cause consequences such as reduction admission to care, add differences care, and weaknesses to improve.

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During the last decade, the financial woes in the United States caused many people to lose employment and others to work for much lower wages. The effects of the financial conditions increased the focus on health care spending and peoples ability to afford health care. The premiums paid by employees for their do my essay uk families increased by 97 putting further strains on employers and their workers.Baby boomers reaching retirement age increased enrollment in Medicare and Medicaid causing strain on federal and state government budgets. In 2010, health care expenditures consisted.9 of the Gross Domestic Product. Over half of the nations health care expenditures result from hospital care, physician, and clinical services. One way the Affordable Care Act seeks to address the issues of cost is by reducing the compensation for hospital and treatment services that result in medical errors or inadequate quality of care.One of these payment models in consideration is pay-for-performance (P4P). To understand better exactly what pay-for-performance entails, this discussion includes: * The definition of pay-for-performance, * The effect of pay-for-performance on reimbursement, * The impact of system cost reductions on the quality and efficiency of health care, * The effect.

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Reimbursement and Pay-for-Performance, darrick Poole, hCS/531: Health Care Organizations and Delivery Systems. February 11, 2013, eugene Burwell, reimbursement and Pay-for-Performance, in 2010, health care expenditures in the United States almost reached.6 trillion. This was 10 times more than research paper on writing process expenditures spent in 1980.The rate of increase slowed in the late 1990s and early 2000s but industry experts still expect the cost of health care to increase more than the national income for some time to come. Stakeholders agree this continual financial burden is of critical importance.