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Research paper on web service security

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According to the World Wide Web Consortium, a Web Service is a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network. ( ) Alternatively, Zeldman defines Web Services as a reusable software components based on XML and related protocols that enable near zero-cost interaction throughout the business ecosystem. 112) In other words, Web Services is a software system that allows machines (including servers) to communicate with each other regardless of each individual machines operating systems and programming languages.The Symon's Extensible Markup Language (XML) Page provides a very nice formula that neatly defines the major components of Web Services: Web services XML soap wsdl uddi ( m ). Extensible Markup Language (XML) is the universal markup language that all machines are capable of understanding.In the process of inter-machine communication via Web services, XML is used research paper on web service security to tag the data involved. Web Services Description Language (wsdl on the other hand, is being used for describing the services available. Then Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (uddi) lists the services available from that particular machine. Lastly, Simple Object Access Protocol (soap) is used to transfer data for each exchange of information between machines and servers, which typically involve http with an XML serialization in conjunction with other Web-related standards.( ) Consequently, Web Services are not tied to any one operating system or programming language. As a result, via Web Services, Java based programs will be able to talk to servers running C based programs and a Windows machine will be able to communicate with a linux machine. ( ml while serving a similar function as the Web, Web Services do have some significant differences. The most prominent difference between Web services and the Web is that instead of a user interface, Web Services functions via application interfaces.

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This set up is easy to manage and secure. Yet, maintaining a centralized network requires tremendous amount of write essay my computer resources ranging from manpower to hardware.As a result, the cost of a client-server network is very high. Another drawback of a client-server set up is that the speed of file transfer between the client and the server slows down when the number of clients accessing the server at a time is too high. Nevertheless, because of its ease to manage and good security, client-server network is still the dominant set up of Web Servers.Apache, a free server technology, is currently one of the most popular server technologies in use today. The first version of Apache, based on do the right thing essay ideas the ncsa httpd Web Server, was developed in 1995 by a loosely-knit group of about 20 programmers. ( ml ) Apache provides full source code and an unrestrictive license. Apache users can easily change, adapt, or modify the software in accordance with the needs of their particular organization.Additional modules, either written by the user or downloaded free of charge from the vast Apache module library online, could easily be added to accommodate any specific needs of the user. Apache is also capable of performing many functions such as DBM database authentication, multiple DirectoryIndex directives, unlimited flexible URL rewriting and aliasing, content negotiation and virtual hosts. Web Services, web Service is a very powerful tool that has greatly enhanced the efficiency and communication among businesses.

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Furthermore, the speed of file transfer in a P2P network is not constrained by the capability of any single server/computer. Since each computer in the network is capable of becoming a server on its own, a file could be shared and transferred from multiple servers at the same time, thus increasing the file transfer rate. However, academic writing paper structure since each computer in the network is a server, each computer on the network needs to be set up individually. The responsibility of managing the system lies in the hands of every single owner of every single computer that is connected to the network.Consequently, the management of a P2P network is extremely difficult. Due to the decentralized management of the network, servers with a P2P connection are susceptible to virus and worm attacks. The Client-Server network, on the other hand, is a highly centralized network system with one central computer as the server.

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Web Servers, a server is a computer or device on a network that manages network resources. ( ml ) There are many different kinds of assignment help gumtree brisbane servers: the dial-up server that serves as a gateway for the user to access the rest of the Internet; the printer server that manages one or more printers connected to the network, allowing users to access.A Web Server is the central nervous system of Web Site. It is the Web Server that hosts both the components of a Web page such as the actual Web page html files, CSS files and templates and all other essential technologies that make a Web site function the way it does. Although all Web servers function similarly, the set up and the way a server could be set can vary drastically.There are two common ways to setting up Web Servers: P2P and Client-Server. P2P, or Peer-to-Peer, indicates a direct connection of individual computers to one another where each computer can specify what data it is willing to share. ( m ) This kind of network is very easy and cheap to set.