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Research paper outline about smoking

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Department of Health and Human Services usdhhs 1994 ). In all, 88 of adult smokers who smoke daily report that they started smoking by the age of 18 years (see. Chapter 3, The Epidemiology of Tobacco Use Among Young People in research paper outline about smoking the United States and Worldwide). This is a time in life of great vulnerability to social influences (.Steinberg 2004 such as those offered through the marketing of tobacco products and the modeling of smoking by attractive role models, as in movies (. 2009 which have especially strong effects on the young. This is also a time in life of heightened sensitivity to normative influences: as tobacco use is less tolerated in public areas and there are fewer social or regular users of tobacco, use decreases among youth (. And so, as we adults quit, we help protect our children.Cigarettes are the only legal consumer products in the world that cause one-half of their long-term users to die prematurely (. As this epidemic continues to take its toll in the United States, it is also increasing in low- and middle-income countries that are least able to afford the resulting health and economic consequences (. Peto and Lopez 2001 ; Reddy. It is past time to end this epidemic.

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Department of Health, Education, and essay writing 3000 words Welfare usdhew 1964 nearly one in four high school seniors is a current smoker. Most young smokers become adult smokers.One-half of adult smokers die prematurely from tobacco-related diseases (. Fagerstrm 2002 ; Doll.Despite thousands of programs to reduce youth smoking and hundreds of thousands of media stories on the dangers of tobacco use, generation after generation continues to use these deadly products, and family after family continues to suffer the devastating consequences. Yet a robust science base exists on social, biological, and environmental factors that influence young people to use tobacco, the physiology of progression from experimentation to addiction, other health effects of tobacco use, the epidemiology of youth and young adult tobacco use, and evidence-based interventions.Those are precisely the issues examined in this report, which aims to support the application of this robust science base. Nearly all tobacco use begins in childhood and adolescence (.

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1994 ; Kessler 1995 ). The impact of cigarette smoking and other tobacco use on chronic disease, which accounts for 75 of American spending on health care (.Anderson 2010 is well-documented and undeniable. Although progress has been made since the first Surgeon Generals report on smoking and health in college research papers online 1964 (.

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This preview has intentionally blurred sections. Sign up to view the full version.View Full Document, this order paper in parliament is the end of the preview. Sign up to access the rest of the document. This note was uploaded on for the course ENG ENG taught by Professor Eng during the Three '11 term at La Trobe University.Tobacco use is a global epidemic among young people. As with adults, it poses a serious health threat to youth and young adults in the United States and has significant implications for this nations public and economic health in the future (.