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In pill form, the medicine goes directly research paper outline asthma into the bloodstream and stays in the body longer, having a more lasting effect than an inhaled drug does. Anti-inflammatory drugs are sometimes called corticosteroids. However, they have nothing to do with the muscle-building hormone that many people think of when they hear the term steroids. Monitoring breathing: You might have to check your breathing from time to time at home with a device called a peak flowmeter.This small, hand-held instrument measures the amount of air that you are able to blow out. The measurement gives you a better idea of the clearness of your breathing passages than you can sense on your own. Using the flowmeter regularly will help you and your doctor work out the best possible treatment plan. If you keep getting good results, meaning you're breathing easily, you may not have to use the inhaler as often-or at all.A dip in the flowmeter's reading, showing that you are able to exhale less air than usual, can warn you that an asthma attack is coming. Avoiding irritants: Stay away from the things that brought on your asthma symptoms in the past.

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Asthma shows up before the age of 18 for about half of the people who develop the condition. But it can appear at any age, even when a person is in his sixties or older. How to Prevent an Attack, there are three keys to taking control of your asthma: faithfully using your prescribed medication, periodically checking your breathing at home, and avoiding the things that set off your symptoms. With these keys, you can prevent attacks rather than just treating them.Using medication: Certain anti-inflammatory drugs can ward off attacks or lower the number of attacks you have. Most often, you breathe in the medication using an inhaler. These drugs keep the defense cells that stay in your airways from overreacting and causing an attack.Your doctor will tell you how many times a day to use your inhaler and how many puffs to take each time, based on how bad your asthma. You must follow this schedule for the inhaler to work. And it's important to remember that using anti-inflammatory drugs won't help during an attack.It's a good idea to rinse your mouth out with water after using the inhaler. This will help prevent an infection in the mouth, a rare side effect of the drug. Anti-inflammatory drugs also come in pill form, but usually only people with severe asthma need write a report junior cert to take pills.

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At the same time, the muscles lining the passages contract, squeezing and narrowing the airways. The result is that less air is able to flow in and out of write my paper for money the lungs. Doctors aren't sure what causes these cells to stay gathered in a person's airways in the first place, but they do know that the problem tends to run in families.If one of your parents has asthma, the odds that you will have it are higher. You are even more likely to have asthma if both your parents have.

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Introduction to Asthma, about one in 15 people has asthma, a chronic condition whose symptoms online resume writing servicesfree are attacks of wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness, and coughing. There is no cure for asthma, but most people can control the condition and lead normal, active lives.Different things set off asthma attacks in different people. Smoke from cigarettes or a fire, air pollution, cold air, pollen, animals, house dust, molds, strong smells such as perfume or bus exhaust, wood dust, exercise, industrial chemicals-all can trigger an attack. All people with asthma have the same underlying problem: an immune system that overprotects the lungs.Cells that defend the body stay gathered in the airways and produce mucus, a moist substance that keeps the airways free of dust. But if an irritant, such as smoke, pollution, or cold air, comes along, these defense cells overreact: They make too much mucus. The mucus clogs the breathing passages.