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Research paper outline citations

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Secondary sources are written about primary sources and are one or more steps away from the original source. They include discussions, comments and interpretations regarding the primary source or original material. Examples of secondary source materials are as follows: Articles from magazines, journals research paper outline citations and newspapers.Textbooks, histories and encyclopedias. Book, play, concert and movie reviews, criticisms and commentaries. Articles from scholarly journals that assess or discuss the original research of others. Peer Reviewed, usually published as an article in a medical or professional publication, such as a journal, a peer-reviewed source undergoes multiple critiques by top scholars in a particular field.Peer-reviewed articles offer authoritative information of the highest quality that scholarly disciplines can provide. Peer-reviewed and scholarly articles have these characteristics: List the journal of publication and author credentials. Are an abstract from a larger publication. Include a large amount of in-text citations, references, endnotes, footnotes and cited works, as well as a bibliography and appendix.Contain sections like methodology, conclusion and results. Have numerous in-text tables, charts and graphs. Use complex wording specific to the field. How to Cite, cite your sources both in-text and at the end of your paper.

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For example, the first African American President of the.S. Is Barack Obama; however, if you arent sure if it is common knowledge or not, go ahead and cite it, just to be safe. The Main Types of Sources, there are three main types of sources: primary, secondary order paper checks online and peer-reviewed.Primary, primary sources may be in their original form or digitized, or reprinted or reproduced in some form. They are first-hand accounts of an event or period in history, or original documents.Primary sources include: Texts Novels, letters, diaries, government reports, newspaper articles and autobiographies. Images Paintings, photographs and advertisements.Artifacts Sculptures, buildings and clothing. Audio-Visual Oral history like interviews, songs, films and photos.

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If you are not sure whether or not to cite a source, cite. You buy essay online canada should reference and cite whenever you:" directly from a source.Summarize or paraphrase another writers ideas, concepts or opinions. Anywhere you find data, facts and information used in your paper. Images, visuals, graphs and charts you use in your work.When Not to Cite a Source. You do not have to cite your source if the information you use is common knowledge.

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Whenever conducting research to write a paper, it is important to document all sources. Citations give credibility and authority by showing writing an essay about thanksgiving proof of your research.References help readers understand how you came to your conclusions and they support your ideas. Citing resources will also avoid plagiarism, by crediting to those who provided the research used to create a paper. When to Cite a Source, include a citation whenever you can.