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Segraves "Awakening".K. Segraves "America Apart" by James Long (in pre-pub). Denise is the author of several cookbooks and "Writing for the 21st Century an idea book for beginning writers. She designs the covers and websites for many of her authors.She also illustrated "Eagle's Watch" and "Awakening.". Boomer Alert Born Before 1965? The market is flooded with people aged 50-65, and its not true that these jobseekers cant find good positions.

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Denise Rutledge approaches indie publishing research paper on service learning from an unusual background-a Home Economics BS, with emphasis in design, and a journalism minor. The home economics background gives her strengths in family issues, finances, health and wellness and business management. The journalism component fostered assets in less-is-more writing and publication production.Denise has been the interior designer, writing coach and editor for many write essay night before books, including: "Breaking the Box" by Paul Lewis "The Heart of Superman" by Jose Guizar "More Than Domestic Violence" by Mike Willbur "The Breast Cancer Recovery Manual" by Edna Campbell "Bobby. Billy" by Joshua O'Hea "Eagle's Watch".K.

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My clients recognize my ability to take technical information and make it user friendly. Specialties: Branding and identity, essays in love online psychology and counseling collateral, health and nutrition collateral. Non-fiction and fiction book development, history, established in 2011.Writing My Own Book grew out of Writing as a Ghost (established 2007). This was her response to a client's concern that his readers would think she had ghost written his book.He requested she remove all credits for building his book sales site because a search for Denise Rutledge brought up links to Writing as a Ghost. Denise had already moved away from ghost writing toward coaching, providing editorial services and facilitating indie publishing. She registered a new business name and launched a dedicated website for Writing My Own Book in 2011. Meet the Business Owner.

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Specialties, you know how the publishing industry for many years dominated the book market. Now that print-on-demand, epub, iBooks, Nook and Kindle have freed authors from traditional norms, one major challenge remains. How do you self-publish without looking unprofessional?I solve this concern for my clients. I do this by combining my experience as an independent writer, editor, layout designer and publisher. M offers the following publishing services: * Author coaching, including substantive editing and manuscript development * Editing copy editing * Cover design * Interior book design and layout (for print-on-demand publication) research paper outline drugs * EBook design and layout, i work directly with my clients, or I use.I see every project as an opportunity to expand your influence and build your brand. My writing style leans toward conversational, with a goal to encourage engagement, though I am also comfortable with business writing.