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Term paper writing guidelines

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In the term paper writing guidelines following sections, we will present the way that we want you to cite your references in the term paper for this course. The required format meets the accepted practices cited in Li and Crane (1993 a reference that is currently considered the best authority on citing electronic sources.This book in turn follows the basic format for the American Psychological Association (APA, 2001 which is a good format (though by no means the only acceptable one in technical publications). You may be required to use slightly different formats for other papers, such as papers submitted for publication to refereed journals, each of which typically have their own styles. Learning how to follow one such set of rules is a worthwhile exercise. You will therefore be expected to use the format set out below.In-text Citation to References, when citing a reference from your reference list, please use the following conventions. Put in parentheses the author(s) last names, the year, and optionally the page number(s) separated by commas. For one author, use the author's last name and year separated by a comma.For example: (Walters, 1994) or (Austin, 1996). For two to five authors, use their last names separated by commas and with an ampersand " " before the very last name in the list, then the year separated by a comma. For example: (Li Crane, 1993) (Charniak, Riesbeck, McDermott Meehan, 1994). For more than five authors, use the first author's last name and "et." For example: (Walters,., 1992).

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This skill will serve you well in writing papers of all types, not just those required for classes. For this class, we will be using the documentation style of the American Psychological Association (APA, 2001) modified with italics substituted for underlining. This format is very similar to that of the Modern Language Association, and these are the most commonly used styles for publishing in the social and natural sciences.The general form of citations in the body of the text is to include the author and date in parentheses (as above) and optionally include the page number(s) after the date. If the author's name was just mentioned in the text, it is not necessary to repeat it in the citation.The rules are described in more detail, with examples, in section. Basic Guidelines, the purpose of the term paper in ECS 15 is for you to learn how to do effective research on a subject and then write it up write a report for me clearly, showing where you got your information.A research paper requires searching for information pertinent to a given subject, organizing it, and presenting it effectively in written form. Oral research reports are also useful, but this course does not cover them.

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So how have thousands of students in recent years found such services helpful? Introduction, as you write your term papers, level 3 essay writing it will be important for you to document where you obtained the information cited in your report.Many of the references you use will come from published sources. Some may come from electronic sources such as the World Wide Web, Melvyl and Harvest databases available through the UC Davis library, CD references and the like, and some may come from interviews. An important component of your writing will be the effective use of reference material.

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