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Firstly, McTeigue shows both Evey and V in their own homes for the beginning of the film. This is crucial as it causes the audience to feel intimacy with these characters and feel like they are v for vendetta essay help getting to know them, which is especially important as the character V is often very emotionally withdrawn from the audience, especially as he wears a mask. Lighting is used convincingly in their homes, as both characters rooms are warmly lit in soft yellows, which creates a calm, friendly atmosphere.Props are also used, as features such as mirrors and televisions help to make these characters seem like any other person, helping the audience to relate to them. The entire mis en scene of these two locations makes these characters look like any other person, which causes the audience to like these characters and feel like they can relate to them. The effect of this is that right from the beginning of the film, the audience are subconsciously aligning themselves with the anarchist main characters.McTeigue does this to ensure that his opinion that anarchy is better than fascism is believed by his viewers. Another technique used to cause the audience to empathise with the anarchist main characters is narration.Evey narrates the beginning of the film with a voice-over, whilst the shots are of Guy Fawkess failed attempt to blow up Parliament. Evey says in this narration A man can failbut 400 years later an idea can still change the world. Near the end of this narration, Guy Fawkes is shown being executed.

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Through this, McTeigue writing a college essay outline influences the political opinions of his audience, by convincing them that anarchism is superior to fascism. McTeigue used the beginning of V for Vendetta to purposefully manipulate his audiences perspectives into believing that anarchism is better than fascism, spreading his political views to his audience.McTeigues intentions at the beginning of the film are very clear, as he sets up the rest of the story by making his audience empathise with the anarchist main characters. This is an important feature of all films, as the purpose of the beginning of any film is to introduce the characters, setting, and themes of the film. As we know from real life, first impressions are very important in our judgements of people, and characters in a film are no exception. In V for Vendetta, McTeigue uses many film techniques to make his audience view the main characters is a positive way.

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V for Vendetta Final. Free Essays, good Essays, better Essays, stronger Essays. Powerful Essays, term Papers, research Papers, your search returned 173 essays for " vendetta 1. Next These results are sorted by most relevant first (ranked search).You may also sort these by color rating or essay length. Your search returned 173 essays for " vendetta 1. Analyse how the beginning and / or ending of the visual text(s) demonstrated the directors purpose. The beginning of the visual text V for Vendetta demonstrated the directors purpose of teaching his audience about the idea of fascism versus anarchy.The opening scenes are crucial for this, as McTeigue used the beginning to cause his audience to empathise with the main characters, resulting in the audience already favouring the anarchists from the very beginning. McTeigue also taught his audience that year 7 english essay writing the fascist government is very cruel, and utilised techniques to make the audience not trust the government, thus setting his viewers up to dislike or even hate the fascist government. He also showed that fascism causes people to hide their individuality. The film follows the story of two anarchists, V and Evey, in their revolt against their oppressive, fascist government.

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I wrote this essay about a film I saw called. V for Vendetta, directed by James McTeigue.This was a very interesting movie that never left me bored but always thinking ahead and trying to uncover the true meaning writing an essay analysis of the movie. It proves to you that the best thing to do sometimes is not always the right thing to do but has to be done by someone. In the essay you will read of one that stepped up to the government risking his life so the people that he represented would have the freedom that they deserved.