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It never hurts to add in a few more"s to back up your ways to make essay longer argument. This is why isnt important when making an outline to add lots of different possible"tions to use in your paper.If youre struggling to make a paper long enough, try adding one of those extra"tions is as extra support and then adding a few sentences of your own analysis after. 4 6, seek help from a teacher or a librarian. Research librarians are great resources when it comes to writing papers. Schedule a meeting with a school librarian and you will leave the meeting with more sources than youll know what to do with.

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Add another body paragraph. Dont feel like you have to be locked into the typical five paragraph essay. After making your outline, see if you can add another short paragraph or two to elaborate on an existing point or add a completely new one. If youre stuck on coming up with an idea for a new paragraph, re-read some of your source materials for"s that strike you as interesting.Once youve found a few, see if you can craft another argument around some of those examples. 5, use more support.

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Ask your teacher for help on finding sources. 2, make a research paper outline chapter 1 thorough outline.Writing an outline lets your organize your arguments and ideas in a coherent way. Divide your outline into the sections your plan to use in your paper. For example, you might have one section entitled Introduction, followed by First body paragraph, Second Body Paragraph, Third Body Paragraph, and Conclusion.2, put in the supporting evidence and"s that you plan to use in your outline. Make sure to have lots of different possible examples to choose from. Writing an outline helps you to see what sections are strong enough to be expanded on further for extra length. 3, provide a counterargument.If youre looking to fill more space in a constructive way, try adding a counterargument. Not only does expanding on a counterargument lengthen your paper, but it actually makes your paper stronger by showing that you are able to account for different perspectives. 3, you can either weave counterargument into your pre-existing body paragraphs or add separate paragraphs to account for them. A good way to introduce a counterargument is with a sentence such as: While some believe that eating a plant based diet is the key to health, others point to the French diet that is rich in cheese and dairy as an example.

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Method 1 Adding More Content 1, do a lot of research. A well-researched paper is bound to have more content. Dont be afraid to use outside sources to bolster your argument.Go to your school library or local library to search the stacks and online databases for sources relating to your topic. 1, jstor and Project Gutenberg are two good resources write essay summer program for academic writing. Oftentimes your school will allow you free access to these sites.