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In your case I wouldn't go out of my way to get nice paper., 06:55 AM jwiley. Location: Grand Junction, CO 3,681 posts, read 3,556,034 times, reputation: 4648, i always brought a few hard copies of my resume with me to interviews, and used resume paper. I also always got compliments on having it with me as often times the people interviewing me were not always prepared. Fact is even now hiring people I remember those that hand me a fresh where buy resume paper hard copy of their resume when they come into speak with me, I don't think someone is out of touch in the least bit, but instead that they have their crap.Location: Durham, NC 1,049 posts, read 3,071,222 times, reputation: 721, lOL This is so topical. I was cleaning out my office closet and found 200 pages of resume paper from 10 years ago. When am I ever going to use this again? I suppose this is the circumstance.Bringing a few copies for any future in-person interviews, 09:10 AM 595 posts, read 1,509,617 times, reputation: 1175, so why is it considered out of touch to bring in a hard copy resume? Even if the hiring manager has a digital and hard copy, why would it be looked down upon to have this hard copy handed to them in an interview?

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I suppose putting it on resume write research paper in 2 days paper will leave an impression as not many people do that anymore., 11:44 PM cowbell76 518 posts, read 736,001 times, reputation: 558, i'm not sure if it will leave a good impression, or an impression "this guy/gal is out. (I say, having experience in hiring. But since they asked.Or did they maybe have the expectation you'd e-mail it?) I, too, used to always mail out resumes on nice paper. Yes, this was back in the '90s when I first entered the workforce. Now the resume is always provided digitally, but I print out copies to bring to interviews, even though most people will already have a printed copy. In that case I use regular paper.

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Should I go buy some resume paper and print those bad boys up or do I just print them out on some printer cheap blog writing services paper? What do you all do? Last edited by RDH35; at 02:20. Reason: forgot punctuation., 10:29 PM, exhibit_B 206 posts, read 294,032 times, reputation: 106.I haven't had to put my resume on "resume" paper since the 90s. Nowadays, you send it digitally and the interviewer as a few copies available already. Or they'll just print a copy out while you're there.

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02:19 PM 595 posts, read 1,509,617 times, reputation: 1175, advertisements. When bringing a hard copy of your resume to interviews or to hand out to prospective employers or contacts, do you put it on harder stock resume paper or do you just put it on regular white printer paper? I've always put my resume on good quality resume paper but I'm wondering if people even bother with this anymore.I was asked to bring my resume to my Orthodontic appointment tomorrow and I am out of resume paper. I'm new to the state and the Ortho office and when they called to remind me of the appointment they asked if I would be interested in giving them a resume as they are currently homework help for 7th grade math looking for assistants. I'm a Hygienist but not licensed here yet so this could be my chance to find some part time work (and network) while I'm waiting to take my classes and boards.