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I will say that sealed product (boosters/starter decks etc) would be your best choice. You would be able to spend as much as you feel you want to to get a collection big enough to build what decks you need to have fun with your friends, this could be as little as as others have suggested,.Like Competitive Play described below some casual players choose to follow certain deck construction rules (called a format) where to buy paper magic when building their decks. One of the most popular formats is called. Commander, which involves creating a deck around a specific Legendary Creature, called your Commander. These decks are 100 cards (99 the Commander you can only have one a given card in a deck (other than basic lands and all cards in the deck must have a color identity that is included in the commanders color identity.There is a Commander special release every November with 5 new decks that are around a piece and are usually fairly competitive (for a casual audience, they aren't Competitive in the sense they would do well in a tournament). Competitive Play, if casual play at home with friends doesn't sound like your thing, (either because your friends aren't interested, or you are looking to meet loads of new people to play against, or you want to play to win) and you are looking. There are many different types of tournaments, Limited formats, which require no prior investment whatsoever, are a good way of entering tournament play without having to spend any money prior to the tournament. You get the same chance everyone else gets, and it all comes down to learning how to play that format (be it draft or sealed) better than everyone else.Entry to these tournaments is often more expensive than traditional "build a deck beforehand" constructed tournaments, but you get to keep the cards you use in the tournament, so its a good way of picking up cards to expand your collection, whilst playing competitively. The cost of draft or sealed tournaments varies, so your local store is the best place to find out more information about this style of play. If you want to know more about the types of tournaments, and advice about them, continue below, however, there is a LOT of information to process, and if you already feel like casual play is more for you, then this information is of little use.

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You can even cash out your digital cards from recent expansions into paper copies if you complete a full set. If you go down the route of modo, your initial minimum investment will be in the region of for an account, from there you can jump straight in to playing some games. If you choose the paper Magic route, then you need to make a decision about what kind of Magic you are looking to play. This is a very subjective choice, and depends massively on the player, realistically, without doing a bit of experimenting, you will struggle to figure out exactly what you want to do with magic.I will expand on this below: Casual Play, there are many players (in fact, the vast majority) who will happily buy a few boosters here or there, and then build whatever decks they fancy out of what cards they have, and battle with their friends. These players get a lot out of every single card they own, and generally open a few boosters here and there a few times a week. Players like this will be playing at home with their friends, round a kitchen or dining table, with whatever decks they put together for that evening, maybe building a deck in a different colour for each of their friends that come to battle. If that is the kind of magic you are looking to play, then your initial investment will not be sky high, there are many good answers already covering this, so I wont paraphrase them.

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If you want to know whether you will like writing essay about a neighborhood the game at all, this is the best way to find out. If you like the game enough to continue from that point to the next step.There are 2 options, Paper magic, and Magic Online (often referred to as modo). Both of these are open to casual and competitive players alike, and the decision comes down to whether you are going to want to play with friends in your local area, with a hard collection to show for your money, or be able to jump. Whichever you choose, you will be making a similar level of initial investment, so your choice here really counts! If you choose to take the online route, then jump onto the internet and make yourself an account, there are plenty of resources out there to help players get started on modo, and there are bots who will give new players a handful of free.

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There have been many answers to this question, as there are many different ways to handle getting started in magic. Really, the best thing to do is to explore carefully and decide how you are going to play that's the only way to get a feel for how much your initial investment will. First and foremost, as others have suggested.Regardless of how you want to play, as a new player, Duels of the Planeswalkers is a fabulous way to get a feel for how the game is played. It's available on many different systems, most consoles and PC, as well as some tablets. It gives homework help social studies 6th grade you an excellent way to get an idea of what different colours do, how they interact, the beginnings of how to use your resources correctly and the best strategies to employ in given situations.