Where to get paper grass in wonderland online Essay against online dating

Where to get paper grass in wonderland online

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Procedure:Click on the Box. Changan/China, condition:Have 10 pieces of Paper, location:Next to the Hotel, the civil house in the back room the guy named Scholar. Procedure:Give to him the 10 piece of paper.Changan/China, pre-Quest: No Ink Now, pre-Quest: m/wiki/No_ink_now! Condition: Have 5000g Location: Talk to the same man X: 1182 Y: 895 Procedure:Talk to the man and then go to the hotel talk to his girlfriend then go back and talk to him again and give him 5000g. Changan/China Condition: Dragon Spirits trial (DS Quest) Procedure:After getting the DS the scroll its a reward.Changan/China Condition: Dragon Spirits trial (DS) Location: In the same room that DS Procedure:Click on the dragon pilar 100 times. Changan/China (2 Forgotten scrolls) Condition: None Location: the business man located on the west side of town where to get paper grass in wonderland online Procedure:Exit the town through the back portal and follow the map to the only portal available.Once inside there are two fights that take place. The first fight consists of 8 Earthen Figurines with spawns.

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Procedure: Click on the Box. Japan/Koyota, condition: None, location: in the Beach where te (?) mark.Procedure: Talk to the men near the turtle then answer 8 and then 5, after that the turtle will lead you into the seabed enter in the palace at the end of take the scroll on the window. Yamataikoku, condition: None, location: Talk to the left guard standing at the left of the entrance. Procedure: Accept the quest just find the 4 ninjas and fight them just 20k each one the locations of the four ninjas areX:2322 Y:795 ;X:1042: Y:475 ; X:742 Y: 1895 ; X: 900 Y:2300. China, condition: Use an Aircraft, location:Near the top literature review paper outline left tres X: 542 Y:1355.

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Location: From the cave entrance go all the way to the left. Procedure: Save the captian in the south pole cave then go back where the steam ship was and give to him 1 Large Asembly Machine (made by Carpenters Lathe) and 1 Steam Engine (made by Grinding Equipment). Mayan Tribe, condition: Use thesis writing service uk an Aircraft, location:In the Mayan City in the Town X:4402 Y:515.Procedure:Talk to the Blue ET, Defeat the 8 ET (like 3k hp each one). Mayan Forest, condition: Use an Aircraft and have 1 Boat. Location:X: 4989 Y:4331, procedure:Talk to the guy in the who is standing on the rock in the river then battle the cocodriles 6 cocodriles 800hp and 1 huge cocodrile 13K hp then just give him the boat. Inca, condition: Use an Aircraft, location: X:4002 Y:5755.

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Wonderland Online Forgotten Scrolls Guide by mamc2K6, hi there Ive got all these forgotten scrolls so I wanted to share it with all of you, I Hope it will help you guys, They are organized by region so enjoy it ). North Island, condition: Use an Aircraft, location: X: 3482 Y: 2735 (Near the Cave). Procedure: Click on the box.Welling Village, condition: Use an Aircraft, location: ETs Rest Area X:3482 Y:2735 (The Area is dark). Procedure: Talk to the.Holy Village, condition: Have a Rope Leader, location: Go down to The Well passing the bridge. Procedure: Click 10 times on the rusty mirror (the one that cant be moved). South Pole, condition: Go to the South Pole in the cave and find the big steam ship first.