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Write a report about my school

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To help you further, bad spelling is underlined, the Ooops! Detective spots other problems and the Code Helper shows you which # codes to use.Your remarks are stored online in your personal report card comments bank, available write a report about my school 24/7, from home, from work, or wherever you are. Teachers Report Assistant School Report Writer is a free online alternative to, Teachers Report Assistant, with advanced features and a huge report card comment bank.

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Stops cut- -paste mistakes Comment banks can write essay someone you admire never cover everything. You end up cut- -pasting and mistakes creep.Our unique 'lists' feature resolves this. For example the statement below uses a list of Art-Topics : I was very pleased with #N 's work on the #Art-Topics project.In the report writer, a drop-down list appears. I was very pleased with Jack 's work on the. (try.)Aboriginal ArtEaster Island Maoi StatuesEdward HopperFrida KahloMatisse PicassoOumou Sy Fashion DesignThe Terracotta Army project. You can create lists for anything you like.

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Teacher's review, t e s (Times Educational Supplement) see more reviews at t e s average rating:.6 / 5 from 121 reviews, Google / TES, report comments 10,000 general report comments from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, South Africa IB World Schools. Import comments from other systems inlcuding, Teachers Report Assistant, Accelerus, Quick Vic and Report Comment Bank. Browse our report comments. Thesaurus name/pronoun toggle, create unique statements from simple comments.Click the green and red words to try it: To improve. Sophia needs to read over the holidays. How it works, first save or import statements into the comment bank using special codes like this: #N has had an excellent year, I am very research paper outline cuban missile crisis pleased with #h progress. (where #N is the code for name and #h represents her/his).Next pick- -click comments. Codes are replaced.g. Sophia has had an excellent year, I am very pleased with her progress.To finish, copy- -paste into your admin system or Word etc. Try it now why is it free? Type pronouns (she, he, him etc) as normal - they are converted to codes automatically.

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School Report Writer.com, fast school reports app, free to individual teachers. Works online, try it now why is the best vacation essay it free? "I've been a teacher for 30 years, the last 20 or so in ICT/Comp Sci and I have seen apps come and.This is the singularly most useful education app I have seen. I have introduced many teachers to this and they love. Well done to the people behind this.".