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Write a research paper on literature

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The key is to start broad and then narrow your focus. 7, eventually, you'll write a research paper on literature want to develop an argument regarding the topic.That argument will be your thesis. For example: Broad topic The use of humor. Add words that make it more specific Hamlet's use of humor.Turn it into an even more specific sentence Hamlet's use of humor belies his madness. 4, develop a thesis.

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4, another common topic is how a work illustrates or breaks the forms of a particular genre or school of thought. You may also draw parallels research paper outline owl purdue between the work and real-life subject matter such as historical events or the author's life. 6, argumentative essays take a position on a debatable topic in order to change the reader's mind.Your topic will typically be your thesis. Your topic can't be factual:.e. The nobles in Shakespeare's. Hamlet talk in iambic pentameter.And the argument can't be too easy to win:.e. Nobles speak in formal iambic pentameter. Hamlet to emphasize their class. It needs to be something people might reasonably disagree about:.e.Hamlet, Shakespeare writes noble speech in iambic pentameter not to emphasize their elite status, but rather to underscore how constrained noble characters actually are vis-vis the freer commoners. 3, focus your topic. A good topic needs to be narrow enough that you can completely address it within the page limit.

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Focus on why certain elements are in the story and how they work. How do characters contribute to buy rag paper uk the story or theme? Why does the author choose particular a particular setting, image, or tone? 2, decide what argument you think the text is making or what theme it is exploring.What do you think the main idea is that the author wanted you to understand once you finished reading? 2, choose a topic.A topic is the subject you will focus. The earlier you choose a topic, the earlier you can begin collecting evidence to support.Ideally, you'll have an idea of what you want to write about before you finish reading the text. There are two types of essay, each with their own type of topic: 3, expository essays give information to the reader. Your topic may be a single literary element of the work, such as character, plot, structure, theme, symbols, style, imagery, tone, etc.

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Part 1 Analyzing the Text and Developing a Thesis 1, read and analyze the text. The text in question is the starting point for any literary analysis. You will want to read the text at least once and take careful notes to prepare for writing your essay.As you read: 1, think about what most interests you: imagery, characters, plot, pacing, tone, etc. Is this text influenced by other texts, such as the Bible or Shakespeare or even contemporary pop music?Does it use a style or form popular in a particular era, like the epistolary novel of the 18th century? Reflect on what you know about the author. How might essay writing service in the uk his or her biography influence the text?