Write a term paper on the court system in nigeria Write a term paper for me

Write a term paper on the court system in nigeria

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8, the provisions providing for ways of dealing with children was based in part on the idea that young offenders were particularly malleable and write a term paper on the court system in nigeria would be more responsive than adults to individualized treatment efforts. 9, the modern Juvenile Justice System is a relatively recent invention as the history can be traced to the late 1800s. This was a period in the history of Britain, that crimes and misbehavior by children and young were redefined as separate and distinct from adult offending.10, in Nigeria, at the Federal and State levels, steps have been taken and are still being taken to ensure that the rights of children and young persons are enforced in order to meet the international standards on the rights of the child as provided. Despite all the efforts at the various levels, children and young persons are yet to be properly positioned. The protection of children is still an issue of concern. The starting point in this paper is to give the paper a proper title in compliance with the applicable laws relating to children and young persons in Nigeria.

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This is one of the casio paper writer 10 1 worlds social problems and it has attracted serious concerns. As far back as the 2270 BC, references were made generally to children and young persons in laws and the law provided for ways of dealing with erring children. This did not mean that at that period in time there was a separate law or system for this category of persons within the society.The Code of Hammurabi over four thousand years (4000) ago in 2270 BC included references to runaways, children who disobeyed their parents and those who cursed their fathers. 4, the Roman Civil Law and the Church Law over 2000 years ago distinguished between juveniles and adults based on the age of responsibility. 5, early Jews Law, the Talmud gave conditions under which immaturity was to be taken into account in giving punishment. 6, bernard in his book also stated that Moslem Law provided for leniency in awarding punishment to a young offender and they were also not to be punished to death.Under the Roman Law, children under the age of seven were classified as infants and not criminally responsible. The Anglo Saxon Common Law of the 11th and 12th Centuries in England, influenced by Roman Civil Law made reference to American Juvenile Justice because it has its roots in English Common Law.

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It is not in doubt that they constitute one of the most vulnerable and powerless members of the society. 1, okonkwo also stated that they require gentle handling and special attention in the protection and promotion of their interests, welfare and rights.2, the United Nations at the Seventh Congress approved the Standard Minimum Rules for the Administration of Juvenile Justice in 1985. In the preamble, it is stated that the United Nations recognizes: That the young, owing to their early stage of human development, require particular care and assistance with regard to physical, mental and social development and require legal protection in conditions of peace, freedom, dignity.At the regional level, the African Charter on custom writing for tattoos the Rights and Welfare of the Child 3 reiterated the above statement. However, despite this special position, the child has, throughout the history of mankind, been abused, treated unkindly and their rights violated.

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By, professor Oluyemisi Bamgbose (Faculty of my paper writing service Law, University of Ibadan). Paper delivered at the 2014 Professor Jadesola Akande Memorial Lecture.Introduction, children form an integral part of any society. Children are special gifts from God. They are to be protected, guided and guarded.