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Write court visit report

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It's all business as usual. But I keep wondering, "What's the mother thinking about?" Without ever hearing a word from her, because the only time she spoke was to whisper in her attorney's ear, I thought she was the more deserving parent. The father, who was being questioned by the opposing counsel, answered every time in Orwellian Doublespeak. He e judge listened and engaged and corrected and clarified, but his tone and demeanor were always neutral and fair to both sides.I think he was the only person in that room who never lost sight of write court visit report the child who was at the center of the drama. The first case we heard involved a father petitioning for custody of his child. The Legal Aid Society and another attorney represented the mother, who was not present. The court date was postponed again, with a strict warning from the judge that the trial would proceed as planned if the mother was not present.

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At the time I wondered how the judge could concentrate on what she was doing english essay writing course with all this activity around her. Sitting in on the proceedings felt very voyeuristic and I was surprised by the lack of respect for the parties by the other lawyers in the courtroom who were litigating on behalf of the parties. I was struck by how public it all. The most intimate details of your public life are opened and exposed to anyone within earshot.Other attorneys walk through the room, have little chats with the guards. No one seems to take any notice college research paper resources of his or her surroundings.

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It was also not very easy to ignore the movements in and out of the courtroom since the room was very small. However, it seemed commonplace. No one seemed to mind.Although I had been told that the surroundings and mood in Family Court would seem informal, I was surprised by the extent to which this was true. There were write academic essays for money several people in the room who didn't seem to have any involvement in the cases being heard. Many conversations were going on at once, including those between attorneys and caseworkers and the judge, and the two court officers.People were walking in and out of the room all the time, and no one seemed to care if they were creating a distraction. I noticed that there was a lot of activity going on while the judge was hearing each case. The guards and other court personnel walked in and out of the courtroom. This was very noticeable when the judge was about to adjourn the case before her and go on to the next.

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The Proceedings, this was my first experience of visiting a court in the a writing experience essay United States and therefore I was filled with anticipation. I was quite surprised that no one questioned my presence in the courtroom. I was formally dressed and I blended in with others who were formally dressed and sitting in the back of the courtroom.I later found out that these individuals were other attorneys waiting to have their cases heard. What I found most troubling and distracting was that the attorneys seemed to come and go as they pleased with no form of deference or respect for the proceedings or those present in the courtroom.