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Write essay about xenophobia

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In an instant, the story of South Africas much-touted rainbow nation of black, white and brown people happily living together, fizzled away in an outburst of vengeance. Tens of thousands of people were displaced, forced to write essay about xenophobia seek refuge in churches, mosques and even police stations. In the end, it took military intervention to quell the violence.South Africa is a nation of multiple ethnicities, languages and nationalities. From the Zulu and Xhosa, to the Dutch and the British. Somali and Tutsi to Indian Tamil and Gujarati, Chinese and Zimbabwean.

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This is one of the most beautiful and exciting characteristics about South Africa. The freedom we have to make our own decisions and to travel abroad. However the Xenophobia attacks in South Africa have not been against young foreigners whom are simple.In essay to help others May 2008, 62 people were killed in a wave of xenophobic attacks across townships. Foreign nationals, mostly migrants from Somalia and Ethiopia, were dragged through the streets of Alexandra, barely homework help letter to parents a few kilometers from Johannesburgs plush Sandton suburb, and necklaced - a throwback to the summary execution tactic used in the Apartheid days. A rubber tyre, filled with petrol, is forced around a victim's chest and arms, and set alight.

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It is criminal, inhumane and intolerable. Although many countries have experienced xenophobia in one form or another, for South Africa; as a united nation, xenophobia completely undermines our moral principles and values.South Africa is a country that has recently emerged from apartheid and since hosted two very successful world cups. We pride ourselves for hosting eleven different languages stemming from different cultures and a variety of religions. We, like the rest of the world promote our young teenagers to travel and see the world. We enforce their human right to make a life for themselves any where on this beautiful planet, to study abroad and experience other wonders.We would not be saying so if we thought our loved ones stood the chance of being violently removed from their homes, refused medical research paper outline elementary school assistance, robbed of their belongings or unable to source an income. How do we say to the world that we are xenophobic and hate all foreigners? We dont, because its not the truth.We do not hate all foreigners. We have welcomed foreigners from all over world for many years. Urged them to invest into South Africa, expected them to assist us in times of trouble and invited them to bring their knowledge and skills to share with.

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Xenophobia is a word South Africans have come to write an essay on my favourite t v programme terms with all to well over the past couple of years. We have all seen the disturbing visuals and read the horrifying articles.You may even know of someone who has been discriminated against because of where they were born. The natural reaction is to condemn these attacks, criticize the offenders and according to the Human Rights Commission and the South African Law this is the correct response. Xenophobia is not justified.