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Planning out a long paper can take a good deal of time and energy. If you're trying to get your paper done in one day, you probably don't have much of either. If you have the time, you should absolutely work out a thorough and detailed outline. However, if you don't think you'll be able to get the paper done in time, you may need to condense your outline to focus on the basics.While you should take breaks, you should resist the urge to take a break in the middle of a section that you're working. Use the break as a motivation to finish that section and relax for a few minutes. Instead of getting bogged down in a detailed outline, work on a basic, bare bones outline.

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6, draft your thesis statement/argument homework help on ww2 in your outline. Come up with a list of major points that support your argument. Next, create a sub-list of ways to research paper outline sociology support each major point.This sub-list should be derived from your research and should make it easy for you to plug in each point and source when you write your paper. Your outline can be more or less detailed, depending on your writing style. For example, instead of breaking down each paragraph of the paper in your outline by idea and citation, you might just list what you will discuss in each paragraph and how it relates to the thesis. 4, work as quickly as possible.

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2, for example, instead of writing about the.S. Civil War in general, you could write about whether the economy of the Northern and Southern United States prior to the war was a potential cause of conflict. The best research papers make a clearly-articulated argument for or against a thesis derived from your research question.For example, you might make the claim that economic factors were a cause of the Civil War, and your paper would offer support for that claim. 2, conduct the necessary research. Research is usually a requirement of most school papers, including shorter assignments. However, if your instructor told you that you do not need to do research or incorporate sources, best essay global warming then you won't need to search for or cite texts to support your argument in this paper.3, depending on your topic, you may need some primary sources, which are generally considered eyewitness accounts that may include interviews, diaries, recordings, or surveys. 4, your instructor will probably accept secondary sources for a two-page paper. These include thoroughly-researched texts about a person, place, or event, such as an academic journal article, encyclopedia entry, or textbook subject. You can find both primary and secondary sources by doing research at the library or by searching online.3, consider outlining your paper. Outlining can simplify the writing process, but not everyone likes to work with an outline. This will largely depend on your own personal writing style. If you do decide to use an outline, though, it's important that you make an outline that will be most helpful for you.

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Part 1 Planning a Paper Under Time Pressure 1, choose an appropriate topic. Before you paper writing apa style can write a paper, you'll need a topic to work.If you were assigned a topic by your instructor, then you won't need to worry about coming up with an appropriate subject. If not, you'll need to come up with your own topic to write about.If you're having a hard time coming up with a relevant topic, you can try brainstorming. Set a timer for one minute and list as many ideas that come to mind without stopping until the timer goes off. 1, your topic should address a clear, concise research question.