Write essay my dream become doctor Make a better world essay

Write essay my dream become doctor

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They are respected people and are looked to when something is wrong. Everyone needs a doctor at some point, so doctors are very much in demand. I am interested in this career because I like to help people.Also, it pays well so I can live off the salary. Another reason is because many of my relatives are doctors, nurses, or dentists. Even though school and training are very hard, it pays off in the end, when someone can make a difference in someone's life. I am not sure if I would like to be a pediatrician, or a specialist.Specialists probably earn more money, but do not do as much, and are required to learn more. I do not think I will want to be a surgeon, because cutting people open and taking things write essay my dream become doctor out does not seem very appealing. To become a doctor, one must endure a lot of training and education. In college, one must study courses to prepare for medicine, such as biology, chemistry, and some advanced mathematics.

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But soon circumstances changed, I grew up and came to know my real help me write a scholarship essay destiny. Although I showed interest in studies from the beginning but singing was something help with writing college essays which I used to do everytime, whether I be studying or playing. Many may call it as craziness but this was me as a kid.But as I mentioned earlier, I grew up to know where I belong and concentrated. For now, for real I have a different dream and that is I want to become a doctor. PS: I'm new here.Please correct my mistakes wether they be grammartical or anking you in anticipation. Closed, about, q A, eF Contributors, disclaimer, Privacy, TOS, contact. A doctor is someone who can help someone else in need. There are many types of doctors, ranging from general pediatricians to specialists.

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Well it's not always the same story from the beginning infact it was totally different. When I was a little girl, I didn't actually wanted to be a doctor and never was worried about.All I used to think was being a singer. Ofcourse that was a dream for me which I wished to come true. It included of me always singing silly songs and even recording and playing them back.

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Essa y, forum, unanswered 1 / Urgent 0 services. Aug 16, 2012 #1, i want to become a doctor. Being one is not only my dream but cheap online writing services also my parent's.I don't wish to be the wealthiest and most highly graduated doctor the world's ever seen but I want to be one who will serve her people and country in a true manner. Infact I don't want to be a doctor for only patients but for the needy too.Although I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea to be faithful, humane and achieve great degrees at the same time but it is worth a try. I always want to feel the pride of being loyal to my patients and my duty.