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Write essay on zoo

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The long round of the write essay on zoo train was almost over. We enjoyed seeing the animals.We also enjoyed the greenery in the zoo. While returning home we discussed the qualities of these animals. We arrived home in a happy mood. Search topics: A Visit to a Zoo essay writing visit to zoo essay for kids essay writing a visit to a museum a visit to a zoo essay for kids short essay on a visit to a zoo essay on visit to a zoo.Subject, write an English essay on A Visit to a Zoo in your words. Complexity, easy, grade/Class 1st to 3rd standard, number of words 150 words. Age group 5 10 years, a visit to a zoo is an interesting experience. Last Sunday I went to Ahmedabad zoo with my parents.

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We children were frightened to see them. In the next cage there was a huge tortoise roaming about slowly. There were pythons best essays about youth and other serpents lying quietly in their cages. We saw some open enclosures with a strong fencing around.Some deer were running in one big enclosure. Green grass was grown online homework submission system there for them to graze. Then on a small hill with a deep ditch and a strong fence around the tigers were roaming freely. In similar open spaces we saw peacocks, elephants, lions and panthers.A natural atmosphere was created for them. There was a huge strong cage for monkeys.They were grinning and mocking at the visitors. They were very impatient and always jumping here and there. We enjoyed their tricks the most.

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Which of them Al you find to be the most interesting? How did you enjoy rite visit? How did you feel after your visit? Essay: A Visit to a Zoo, it was a fine eve of Sunday a holiday.So we decided to visit a zoo in our city. In this zoo various animals, birds and reptiles are kept in cages or other enclosures.There are big trees and other greenery to give a natural touch. We sat in a small train which took us in a slow round through the zoo. We visited the birds first. Many colorful sparrows and parrots were kept in big cages.The whole zoo was filled with their twitter. There were ducks and their ducklings swimming merrily in a big pond made for them. Then there were a few cranes with their long neck and long feet. Then we saw assignment writing service in uae some crocodiles silting on the bank of a big collection of water.

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A Visit to a Zoo, points to be covered in the essay: When did you visit? Which zoo did you visit? With whom did you visit? Which birds and animals did you see there? Where were they kept? What were they doing?