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Write report on annual function

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Check academic databases such as Google Scholar for published studies on your area of interest. The Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries and the Encyclopedia of American Industries, both published by Gale Research, are also good sources. Compile relevant data using the sources above.Make special note of annual revenues in the industry, number of involved companies, workforce statistics, etc. Find statistics about the size of the customer base and buying trends. Cross-check your information against other sources to ensure accuracy. Your industry analysis will be examined thoroughly when you present write report on annual function the final business proposal to investors or stockholders, so ensure your data is solid and sourced properly.

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Just bear in mind that their views may be biased or unreliable. 4, look at trade association data.There may be more than one trade association for your industry. For instance, if youre in the computer industry, you might consult or request recent industry-wide reports from the Computer order p45 paper hmrc Communications Industry Association, the Association for Interactive Marketing, or the Information Systems Security Association. Whatever your industry, consult trade groups and industry publications to identify info which can provide background info on your industry analysis. 2 5, consult academic research.

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2, research your industry with independent government agencies. Government databases contain huge volumes of statistical information on essay on god help those who helps themselves various economic sectors.Some of the best government sources in the United States for industry statistics include the Market and Industry Analysis Statistics published by the United States Census, the Department of the Treasury, FedStats. Gov, and the Food and Drug Administration. All publish useful reports and statistics. For other countries, consult federal databases and agencies within your nation, or conduct an internet search with keywords like government statistics name of your industry to locate relevant information.3, compile independent research. At least two independent research reports with data on your market should be consulted.Contact private data-collection agencies or industry interest groups for a published report or market analysis relevant to your research. You can also consult experts within your own company.

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Part 1 Identify Research Sources 1, define the scope of your analysis. You might examine the industry as a a essay destiny for greatest whole or an industry segment which targets a particular subset of the general market. For example, you could be investigating the petrochemical industry as a whole, or a narrower niche, like US petroleum refineries.In either case, youll need to identify the companies that offer services or products similar to those which your company offers. 1, you might also need to conduct some cross-industry research. For example, a game developer may need to compile statistics on the console gaming market, PC gaming market, and handheld gaming market.