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Part 2 Putting the write report on event Right Content in Your Report 1, write an executive summary. The event report should include an executive summary that is a concise version of the more detailed full report. Think of the executive summary as being like an introduction.5, you could create two reports an executive summary designed for people who have some interest in the events outcome, and a more detailed fuller report for people actually involved in setting up or sponsoring the event. In the executive summary, you want to boil down and focus on the key objects and results. The executive summary should be brief just one or two pages. It should summarize the key elements delivered by the event, and it should include a brief interpretation of the data.

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You dont want to have to rely on your memory. Tracking key information before, during, and after the event will allow for a more specific, and ultimately more effective, report. It will also allow you to compile it all in a timelier fashion.2, consider data collection to be continuous, using multiple people if professional essay writing uk necessary (including possible interns) to collect data. The bottom line is that you should not wait to create the report until the end of the event. 3 3, boil it down to the key points. One problem with some event reports is that they do little more than regurgitate the agenda or focus on feel-good, booster-ish statements.Instead, highlight the key points with a clear, analytical eye. Pick out some of the event highlights to discuss in detail.Consider which three things worked best, and which three points were most surprising. 4, avoid packing the article with mundane details, such as the luncheon menu or a detailed summary of the entire presentation of the keynote speaker. You want to pull out the things that mattered.

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Tailor the event report for the needs and interests of each sponsor and audience. Consider the objectives of the sponsors. To some degree, sponsors are the key audience for an event report.They essay writing key stage 3 want to know whether it was worth sponsoring the event. So consider what they will want to know and what their hot buttons are. Tailor the event report to also meet the specific needs of the uniqueness of the event and sponsors.Dont write a color-by-numbers report. Other audiences for the event report include senior executives and financial managers. 2, create a process to track information you will need throughout the event.

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Event Report Help, part 1 Organizing Your Event Report 1, determine the write essay study abroad presentation style and format for each audience. Event reports can be bound, stapled, emailed PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and.1, make sure the event report is organized into clear sections. You want to determine how the results of the event compared to the objectives for. Summarize the main outcomes of the event.