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Writing a dbq essay

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This should be information you learned in class or read about in your textbook. This outside information will make up most of writing a dbq essay your essay. You should use the documents provided to support this outside information. Outside information can be events in history, themes you have studied about the specific time period you are writing about, movements, people, etc.List the relevant outside information on a piece of scratch paper. Example for any of the prompts listed above: Think about the major goals of the Progressive era (such as increased health and safety codes in factories, limiting child labor etc.the political and economic climate of the era (such as WWI, the rise of unions, and the monopoly of major men such as Rockefeller, Carnegie, etc.) 4, determine your opinion or perspective on the prompt. Is there a specific answer that jumps out at you?Example: What stands out about the Progressive era? What do you think about womans fight for suffrage? 5, formulate a tentative thesis before you look at the documents.

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Prompt 5: Analyze the impact of difficulties with essay writing an event or concept on some part of American society. Example: Analyze the impact of the Progressive era on American society in the 1890s to the 1920s. Prompt 6: Analyze the relative importance of a specific factor or factors on an event or concept.Example: Analyze the importance of womens roles in WWI to the passing of the 19th Amendment in 1920. 3, think about what outside information about the societies, time period, or theme, come essay writing in french to mind.

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Example: Analyze the extent to which the Suffragettes were depicted as manly, uncivilized women during the 1890s to the 1920s. Prompt 2: Analyze multiple reasons that cause homework help after school a particular movement to develop. Example: Analyze the reasons that the Progressive Movement gained momentum during the 1890s to the 1920s in the United States. Prompt 3: Compare and contrast differing attitudes toward a concept or policy.Example: Compare and contrast the differing attitudes towards womens rights in America from 1890 to 1920. Prompt 4: Analyze the degree of truth in a particular statement.Take a stance on the statement. Example: Analyze the degree of truth in the statement: Womens rights were a major part of the Progressive Era in America from the 1890s to the 1920s.

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Part 1 Prewriting for your DBQ Essay 1, know that you will be given 15 minutes to read the prompt, analyze the documents, and do any pre-writing. When those 15 minutes are up, it is time to begin writing.This help with immigration papers section covers those 15 minutes. 2, read the prompt. Determine what sort of evidence you will have to find in the documents based on the prompt question.Always circle or underline the specific society (or societies) being asked about, the time period, and the key concepts (like economic or cultural problems) that are mentioned in the prompt. DBQ essays will ask you to do one of the following: Prompt 1: Analyze the extent to which a historical stereotype is true for a given period or concept.