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Writing a paper double spaced

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You will see a menu that offers Line. Click on Line and then on Line Spacing.3, type.0 in the Spacing box that pops. Instead of offering a few choices, Wordperfect will ask you to create your own line spacing value. A.0 value will mean double spacing.Remember that the double spacing will take place from whatever part writing a paper double spaced in the text your cursor is positioned. Place your cursor on the very top of the page if you want the entire document to be double spaced.

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Click on the.0 option. This will double space the area of the document you have write a term paper on transformer highlighted.Method 2 Double Spacing in WordPerfect Programs 1, use the Line Spacing or Leading feature in Wordperfect school homework diary online to create a double space between lines in the entire document or just a section. 2, click on Format.

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This will set your entire document in a write court report university double space format. 3, create an area within your document where you want double spacing.This may be a section of text in a single spaced document or in something with larger spaces. Highlight the text you want to double space. Click on Line and Paragraph Spacing, which can be found in the Paragraph group of the Home tab.

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Method 1 Double Spacing in Microsoft Word 1, open american essay writing help up the document you are working. This can be a blank page if you are planning to format the whole thing and you have not begun writing yet.2, create a default setting that will ensure the entire document is double-spaced. Look in the Styles group on the toolbar.On the home tab, right-click on Normal. Once a menu pops up, click on Modify. Look for the Formatting prompt and click the Double Space button.