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6, only use a" when it is necessary to support your point of view. Make sure to provide a citation for every" or paraphrase that you use from a source. Include the authors name as well as a page number.6, develop a thesis. All philosophy papers need to have a strong thesis. Your thesis states your position for the paper and you will need to make sure that you stay focused on your thesis and support it throughout your entire paper. Keep in writing a paper for philosophy mind that a strong thesis states your position as well as why you hold that position.7, for example, if you plan to refute Aristotles idea that beauty is related to virtue, then you would have to provide a brief explanation of why. One reason that you may cite might be that beautiful people are not always virtuous. In this case, your thesis might be something like, Aristotles concept that beauty is related to virtue is false because beauty is often found in those who lack virtue. You will need to place your thesis at the end of the first paragraph in your essay.7, outline your paper. An outline can help you to stay on track as you draft your paper and ensure that you include everything that you need to include. Try making a simple outline that includes: ideas for your introduction your thesis main points of your explanation main points in your evaluation along with supporting evidence potential objections and your refutations ideas for your conclusion, part 2 Drafting Your Philosophy Paper 1, write how.

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It is important to keep your audience in mind as you plan your paper and as you write your paper. Your professor is your primary audience member and your classmates might also be part of your audience. 5, you can also think of your audience as a person who has some knowledge of philosophy, but who does not have the same understanding as you. Therefore, if you introduce a special term or make essay writing easy concept, you will need to define it for your audience.5, choose textual references. With philosophy papers, it is best to use"s from the text only when it is absolutely necessary. The goal of your paper is to explain porcelain paper clay buy and evaluate a philosophical argument in your own words. Therefore, you should not rely too heavily on"s or even paraphrased passages from your sources.

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3, having a solid understanding research paper writing company of the concepts covered in your readings is essential to create an effective paper. Otherwise, your explanation of the philosophy may be flawed or your argument may not hold. 3, make sure that you understand the assignment.Some professors distribute assignment guidelines while others simply describe the assignment in class. Before you start working on your paper, make sure that you have a clear understanding of what your professor is asking you. 4, if any part of the assignment is unclear, ask your professor for clarification.

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Part 1 Planning Your Philosophy Paper 1, give yourself time. Writing a good philosophy paper takes time and careful planning, so make sure that you begin working on the assignment as soon as possible.Philosophy papers require skillful argument and rational thought, which takes time to develop. 1 2, try to begin developing your ideas for your philosophy paper as soon as you get the assignment. Jot down your ideas and use some of your spare time to think help writing a essay for college about what you want to write about.2, read all relevant materials. Before you begin to develop your ideas for the paper, make sure that you have carefully read all of the materials that are related to the assignment. If you read the materials, but do not remember much or do not understand part of what you read, then you should reread the texts before you attempt to work on your paper.