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Writing a philosophy essay

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Articulating the reasons underlying your beliefs is difficult, challenging, sometimes even threatening, but it is the whole point of the assignment. . You might find your view changing as your reasoning congeals. . If so, revise your paper accordingly. .You might also find that you don't know what to think about an issue, that several conflicting viewpoints all seem right. . Just explain and evaluate the points of view that appeal to you and discuss the sources of your indecision. . You can take a middle writing a philosophy essay position if that's your honest belief; you needn't fake a solid opinion on one side or another.Good philosophical reasoning also involves responding to objections. . To do this, take the point of view of someone who would be skeptical of your argumentperhaps a philosopher whose work we've read. . Explain how that person would respond to what you are saying and reply to that response. . If your opponent has a good reply to your reply to her reply, explain it and then reply to her reply to your reply to her reply. .

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Let me know that you understand what we've been doing in help for writing papers class. . (If you don't understand what we've been doing in class, you should be appearing in my office!). By quality of reasoning I mean how well you use examples and arguments. .A philosophy paper should not be just a series of statements of what you believe. . Every statement of opinion should be accompanied by an explanation or reason. . never never never just say "I believe X" and leave it at that. . Say what you believe, but give your reasons. .

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Compare the strengths and weaknesses of two or more views. (For some assignments I might tell you which strategy to use.) Since philosophical issues are by nature unsettled, there is no "right" viewpoint that I am looking for in your paper. . What I want to see instead is evidence of understanding and involvement with the course material and of the ability to explain and justify your thoughts about. Criteria FOR grading, i use five criteria in grading a philosophy paper. .They are, in order of importance: help me with research paper (1) comprehension, (2) quality of reasoning, (3) clarity, (4) originality, and (5) careful use of language. . When I grade your paper, I will provide a brief summary of how well you did on each of these criteria. The first criterion, comprehension, concerns how well you understand and utilize material presented in class or in the texts. .Your paper should respond to class material, either building upon it or criticizing. . If you present an idea to which objections have been raised in the course, discuss these objections. . If we have mentioned evidence that supports an idea you present in your paper, discuss and evaluate this evidence. .

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HOW TO writhilosophy paper. Purpose OF THE paper, the purpose of a philosophy paper is to get you to do some philosophythat is, to examine, clarify, and articulate your reasons for or against one or more philosophical ideas. .In a philosophy paper, you might: Argue for a specific point of view on a philosophical issue (this could be a view someone else has expressed or a view of your own. Explain and argue against a view expressed by another person,.