Writing a research paper high school students Help with writing term papers

Writing a research paper high school students

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Make sure that the person or institution that places information on the Web is reputable and established. When in doubt, ask your teacher. Check all leads for other possible resources. Most important, seek the guidance of teachers and use the resources of your public library.Books can often be obtained through interlibrary loan and a reference librarian can show you other sources and methods of searching for information. Articles writing a research paper high school students about the fire are easy to locate both on the Web and in print.

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In the case of the Triangle Fire, we have selected some primary and secondary sources for you, but more are available in archives. Never assume that what essay social service and students you see on the Web is all you can get! Often valuable documents are still on paper, safely preserved in archives or on microfilm.Always ask for help from a librarian or archivist! Also, be aware of the limitations of research on the Web! Not everything you see is accurate.

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The latter book is out of print but the local library might have it or be able to obtain it through interlibrary loan. Parts of both books are available by following the links on this site. Stein's book on the fire is a secondary source, one that he wrote about the fire using primary sources.His book, Out of the Sweatshop, is a collection of primary sources. Most importantly, though, rely on your teacher for guidance on the mechanics of writing a paper (Selecting and narrowing the topic; Writing the thesis statement; Doing the research; Taking notes; Citing sources; Writing the Introduction; Writing the detailed Outline; Writing the Rough Draft ; Presenting. Make sure you get all this information before you start your research! Selecting Your Sources, using the World Wide Web to do historical research is insufficient.

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Before You Start, a research paper is based on primary sources, that is, on original documents. If you have never written a research paper before, you need to understand the difference between primary sources and secondary sources. A primary source is material that is contemporary to the events being examined.Primary sources can be letters, contemporary newspaper accounts, or photographs. They can also be oral histories, memoirs, or autobiographies, later recollections of the time by someone who was there. Secondary sources are books help with essay for scholarship or articles written about an event or aspects of a past event, using primary sources.Secondary sources interpret original documents and are often historical narratives, that give you background information about the topic you want to research. Before starting a research project on the Triangle Fire, read an account of the event, such as Leon Stein's book The Triangle Fire and relevant documents from his Out of the Sweatshop.