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Writing a service for windows

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We need to include a ServiceInstaller for each service class. We need to include a ServiceProcessInstaller for each installed executable.Installers should be Add ed in the constructor. Without getting too deep, this forms the skeleton of your service process. Adding actual tasks And, for our final code snippet in this app, lets actually add a task for the service to accomplish. .

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Creating an Installer This is a good starter skeleton for writing a simple service app. However, Windows Service applications cannot simply be started and stopped like a standalone app. . Thus, we must add a set of installers for the Service Control Manager (SCM). .Below is a class that will do just that. ServiceInstaller instances take care of installing an individual service class; a ServiceProcessInstaller installs an executable containing such classes. Using mponentModel; using stall; RunInstaller(true) public class CronInstaller : Installer private ServiceProcessInstaller processInstaller; writing a formal essay private ServiceInstaller serviceInstaller; public CronInstaller processInstaller new ServiceProcessInstaller serviceInstaller new ServiceInstaller count ServiceAccount.LocalSystem; artType nual; rviceName Cron; d(serviceInstaller d(processInstaller For a cron -type job, the ServiceInstallers StartType might be better served as a tomatic (started at system startup). . The Manual mode will give you a better feel for getting research paper outline background started. .Points of note: * The RunInstaller line is necessary for invoking the staller class during service install. . Well touch on this later. The ServiceName should match that of your service base-derived class (here, CronService).

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Services operate under rules akin to pretty much any other application, so its not surprising that the code should writing a paper format apa look so similar. Creating a ServiceBase, to start, simply derive a class from ServiceBase and implement a Main method, with or without string args param list. ServiceBase provides many event-style overrides, so you should use these as appropriate: using System; using rviceProcess; public class CronService : ServiceBase public CronService rviceName Cron; nStop true; nPauseAndContinue false; toLog true; protected override void OnStart(string args) / do startup stuff protected override void OnStop. ServiceName, AutoLog, and the content of, main.The, serviceName is the name of the application as recorded by the Windows Service Control Manager. . If youve ever used net start name, youve used. autoLog should be set to true, to get any system logs, especially when debugging. Main should Run your new service.

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When opening up a new project in Visual Studio, one finds many, many options for deploying your new killer app: Windows Applications, Console Applications, and Web Services are all popular choices. . Even when creating a simple daemon-type process, however, the Windows Service option is likely overlooked, because it interacts with the system in what many perceive to be an alien way, and it just looks more difficult. Creating a useful Windows service with the.NET Framework, even for those without VS, couldnt be simpler.Having just come from a highly unix-oriented background, I thought I could use a cron -type application. . For those unfamiliar, cron is a background daemon which will, at at certain times or time intervals, execute given command lines (say, logging, source synchornization or file cleanup). . Well build writing a 9 essay the bones for this step-by-step, straight from code. .