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Writing an essay of literary analysis

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Character - representation of a person, place, or thing performing traditionally human activities or functions in a work of fiction. Protagonist - The character the story revolves around. Antagonist - A character or force that opposes the protagonist.Minor character - Often provides support and illuminates the protagonist. Static character - A character that remains the same. Dynamic character - A character that changes writing an essay of literary analysis in some important way.Characterization - The choices an author makes to reveal a characters personality, such as appearance, actions, dialogue, and motivations. Look for: Connections, links, and clues between and about characters. Ask yourself what the function and significance of each character.Make this determination based upon the character's history, what the reader is told (and not told and what other characters say about themselves and others. Connotation - implied meaning of word.

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Your essay should homework help algebra 1 point out the authors choices and attempt to explain their significance. Another way to look at a literary analysis is to consider a piece of literature from your own perspective. . Rather than thinking about the authors intentions, you can develop an argument based on any single term (or combination of terms) listed below. . Youll just need to use the original text to defend and explain your argument to the reader.Allegory - narrative form in which the characters are representative of some larger humanistic trait (i.e. Greed, vanity, or bravery) and attempt to convey some larger lesson or meaning to life. Although allegory was originally and traditionally character based, modern allegories tend to parallel story and theme.William Faulkners, a Rose for Emily - the decline of the Old South. Robert Louis Stevensons, strange Case. Hyde - mans struggle to contain his inner primal instincts. District 9 - South African Apartheid, x Me n- the evils of prejudice, harry Potter - the dangers of seeking racial purity.

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How does this kind of character, plot event, or type of imagery help the reader i need someone to write my college paper understand the theme? Remember, tell us how whydont just summarize! Sample Story, summary, analysis! Robin Hood, robin Hood stole goods and money from the rich residents of his town to give to the towns poorer residents.The use of a monarchy or kingdom setting in Robin Hood allowed the author to portray the abuses of power that often occur among the wealthiest members of a community. Snow White, snow White falls into a deep, death-like slumber when she takes a bite of a poisoned apple. The use of certain plot elements in Snow White, such as the poisoned apple and resulting slumber, help readers understand that being too trusting can lead to dire consequences. Cinderella tells the story of a young girl whose evil stepmother tries to keep her from her true love.The author of Cinderella paired lazy female characters with a hardworking female protagonist to show that hard work leads to love and happiness. Students are asked to write literary analysis essays because this type of assignment encourages you to think about how and why a poem, short story, novel, or play was written. . To successfully analyze literature, youll need to remember that authors make specific choices for particular reasons. .

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If youve been asked to analyze a piece of literature, try following these steps: Identify the author's write my essay edubirdie purpose. . Ask yourself, what theme or main idea did the author want the reader to understand after he or she had finished reading?Think of the characters, tone, setting, rhythm, plot, imagery, etc. As devices or tools that help ensure that the reader "gets" the meaning that the writer intended him or her to learn. Ask yourself, why did the author choose to use these devices, in these particular ways? .