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The problem with this strategy is that you will have to have a very good writing an essay to evaluate reason to deny the conclusion is true when you cannot point to flaws in the reasoning that supports it! It suggests that you are just being stubborn and refusing to look at the evidence!About the only thing that you can do in this case is to construct a powerful reductio ad absurdum. . Other strategies (offering evidence that it is false, or showing that reliable authorities reject it) are weak here because they still leave the opponent's evidence right where it was, supporting the conclusion, leaving the impression that there are good arguments both ways. We might conclude that the matter is undecided and not that the opponent's thesis is false.So while a direct assault on the conclusion is a questionable strategy, it is powerful when paired with one or both of the other two. Final advice, be fair!

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For example, the arguer might want to argue that there is nothing wrong with eating meat. Their premise in defense of this thesis is that it is traditional to eat meat in our culture. We can respond that the truth of the premise does write research paper death penalty not demonstrate the conclusion. Human slavery is also a traditional practice, but hardly demonstrates that there is nothing wrong with human slavery.Since tradition does not justify slavery, it doesn't justify eating meat, either. Here is another example, from philosophy: Some philosophers contend that innate ideas do not exist.As evidence they point to mathematics as a candidate for innate ideas and then point out that nobody has ever seen a newborn baby doing mathematical calculations. We might respond that the evidence is true, but point out that we don't see evidence of it because newborns can't talk and can't manipulate objects that allow them to draw diagrams and write out math problems. Their inability to do these things might still russian math homework online allow them have innate mathematical ideas in advance of being able to communicate them in the usual ways. The more you know about argument fallacies and what it takes to put together a strong argument, the easier it is to critique arguments.Show that the conclusion itself is not believable. This approach ignores the premises and assumptions in favor of focusing attention on the conclusion.

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The first two of these three strategies are simpler than the third. The third involves reviewing all of the reasons that someone might give for the claim and then showing that all of those reasons are weak. Obviously, this is very time-consuming.It's much simpler to argue that the claim is false or contradicts something we know is true. So how do you show that a claim is false? These are best strategies for arguing that a premise or assumption is false: Describe a personal experience you've had that shows it is false. Cite a reliable authority who says it is false.Assume that it is true and then show that this assumption leads to something else that is false or highly questionable. (Technically, this is to construct a reductio ad absurdum.). Show that there's a hole in the argument (show that the conclusion simply does not follow from what has been said). Sometimes we cannot find good objections to the premises and assumptions, but we can show that the conclusion does not really follow from the ones offered by the arguer.This happens research paper outline diabetes when the evidence might be true, but the arguer does not offer enough of it or the right kind. . Perhaps their evidence only supports a different but weaker thesis.

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Exclusively on the assumptions and premises, arguing that one or more is false. To be effective, therefore, the essay will start by identifying the central premises and assumptions. (So the first stage of the evaluation is to summarize your opponent's argument) The essay will then focus on the ones that you think are weakest, discussing them one at a time and giving reason not to agree with them.Don't just say that you agree or disagree! That simply identifies your position as different (resulting in need someone to write a paper for me a "compare and contrast" essay but it does not provide evaluation of the other person's position. There are three basic strategies for showing that we should not agree to a premise or assumption.We can give good reasons to regard it as false. We can show that it directly contradicts something we know is true. We can show that there are no good reasons to believe.