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Assume that you are to report to management/leadership about the nature and scope of the problem. Decide which kind of report format (information, recommendation, justification) to use. Choose a topic that is relevant and has a clear constituency (people who are affected by the issue).Below I list a variety of possibilities, some of which contain information about the issue in question. Feel free to choose one of these topics or to propose a different one. Feel free to choose one of these or to propose a different topic.Should consumers have to pay for Microsoft's products if they do not wish them to be a part of the package when they purchase a computer? Should executives of companies that declare bankruptcy (such as Enron ) be obligated to repay employees' retirement accounts from their own funds?Should human eggs be auctioned online? "More than a million people have logged onto a new Internet auction site that features fashion models offering to sell their eggs to potential parents eager for beautiful offspring. The bidding begins at,000 and can rise as high as 0,000. The sale of eggs and sperm is legal writing assignment business letter in the United States.

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In addition, attach copies of writing a self reflective essay the blank surveys or questionnaires. Shovelling Snow, no Parking on Grass. Debris Cleanup, house Trash, what is NEP?Tall Grass, inop Vehicle. Address Number, choose a business or organization with which you are familiar and identify a problem such as sloppy workmanship, indifferent service, poor writing a basic essay attendance at organizational meetings, lack of necessary equipment, etc. Describe the problem in detail.

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The assignment consists of several components, all of which will lead to the final product: a clearly written, well documented, and persuasive letter to someone who has the power to influence or effect the change(s) you wish to see occur. A short proposal listing the topic, the audience, and the rationale for writing. Use a memo format; remember to provide assignment writing for university sufficient information to identify the audience and his/her/their concerns/biases, etc. Send this via email; provide a hard copy for me as well.An annotated bibliography of at least 3 sources (only 2 of which may be taken directly off of the Internet) along with a detailed summary of one key article or source: student example, a fact sheet or summary of your research outlining the problem. This will become an attachment to the letter: student example, a persuasive letter, 2-3 pages, correctly formatted, to a person with the power to effect the change(s) you desire, which uses evidence from all three sources.Choose one of the letters from the Neighborhood Enhancement Program, and, after careful study of the audience, rewrite it so that it will be more effective. If you choose this option, you will turn in the revised letter and a short report of 2-3 pages (to me and Kim Kirk) explaining how you gathered data about the audience and its needs (you'll have to outline your vision of the audience). Include a summary of your findings in the report (based upon any research vehicles you used-surveys, interview questions, etc.).

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Persuasive Letter/Short Report Assignment Options, sample Topics, deadlines. Whenever you work with people, you will have differences of opinion about major and minor issues ranging from the most effective uses of resources or personnel to where to hold the company picnic. Resolving these differences in opinion requires dialogue, which usually ends up with one side persuading the other(s) to "see" things differently.For this project, you'll practice persuasion. Your goal is to persuade someone who has the power to effect change to see things your history research paper help way.You will use a letter as your primary vehicle. If you find the letter insufficient to the task, you may write a short report and include a letter of transmittal.