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Carpe diem motivating Neil to go after his dream of acting, writing assignment dead poets society but his father wouldn't let him. Going against his father, he decides to follow his heart by audition for "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Neil receives the part as Puck. He claims that this is the first time in his life that he knows what he wants.However, after the show his father takes him home and yells at him. He ends up committing suicide, by using his father's gun.Knox also embraces living for the moment. Knox visits his parents' friends, and soon falls in love with their daughter Chris. He broke his own rules to see her, and competed for her attention with her boyfriend Chet.

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My Captain!" and is the first able to ask him what the Dead Poets Society was. He is also the one to organize the first meeting of the club in the cave and he's also a leader. Neil also tells Todd that he must participate in the Dead Poets Society club no matter what.Each of the choices is Neil's attempts to gain control over his own life. Neil lives writing an essay toefl by his father's rules.

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He also pulls get help with essay writing the "phone call from God" to gain attention, pretending to himself as a god when he says that the phone call is from God. In the end, he is expelled for punching Cameron. Charlie punches him because Cameron had just come from telling the administrators about the Dead Poets Society club and blamed Keating for everything. Charlie feels it doesn't matter if he's expelled or not.In addition, Neil seizes the day. Neil loves to do new stuffs, and come up with unique ideas. He is the one to call Keating "O Captain!

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Published: 23rd March, 2015, last Edited: 23rd March, 2015, charlie reveals the ideas of "carpe diem" in various ways. He feels that he can speak for other people, and he doesn't care if they like him or not. First, he invites girls buy a cheap paper to come to the Dead Poets Society club meeting.Then he tells them they can go in because it's his cave. He also publishes an article in the school paper about how they should have girls at Welton in the name of the Dead Poet Society without the approval of any other members.