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Writing assignment describe yourself

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Clark Kerr, "The Idea of a Multiversity" (1963) - (click on the the title to download pdf). The second essay, Clark Kerr's "The Idea of a Multiversity" (1963 is an invitation to think about the place where you have chosen to spend the next four years.Kerr (1911-2003) was a professor of Economics. Then he became the first Chancellor of UC Berkeley. Later he served as the President of the University of California, during the period when UC Santa Cruz was established (1965). This campus and its approach to higher education are the result of a close friendship between Kerr and Dean McHenry (1910-1998 the founding Chancellor here.They intended that UC Santa Cruz would combine the academic and social benefits of small, writing assignment describe yourself residential colleges with the resources of a top-tier research university. Together, Kerr and McHenry also drafted California's Master Plan for Higher Education in 1960, which continues to define the mission of public higher education in this state. Before you start reading "The Idea of a Multiversity take fifteen to twenty minutes and write a few paragraphs that answer the following questions in as much detail as you can muster. Do not consult reference material of any kind.1) When and where do you think universities were invented? What was their original purpose? 2) Do you believe that universities have changed since their beginnings?

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Try to write about your experience in a way that would share it vividly with someone who had never encountered the work that matters to you. 4) Have you ever been bored by art?Describe a specific experience of boredom. What prevented you from connecting with the work?Now print out Noe's essay and read it slowly, marking your text and taking notes in the margins that will help you to remember key words, metaphors, claims, and changes of direction in the essay. When you have finished, write a few paragraphs that answer these questions: 1) Did reading the essay through to the end change your perception of the question in its title? If it did, how do you perceive that question and the writer now?2) From Noe's perspective, what research paper about foreign service does the experience of boredom reveal about art and our reasons for making and spending time with it? Point to specific passages that support your argument. 3) According to Noe, what is art uniquely capable class 1 homework help of doing for us, and why is art that "just" gives pleasure not capable of doing that?

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I want to help you find your feet quickly and to make the most of the fall quarter, so I am sending you two essays, drawn from Core. You will discuss them with your instructors and each other during the first week of classes. Alva Noe, "Why is Art So Boring?" (2016) - (click on the the title to download pdf). The first essay, Alva Noe's "Why is Art So Boring?" (2016 is an invitation to start thinking about the Core course.Professor Noe's recent book, Strange Tools: Art and Human Nature (2016) will be our central text in the fall. Noe himself, who teaches philosophy at Berkeley, will visit Porter in October to talk about his work.Before you start reading Noe's essay, take fifteen to twenty minutes to write a few paragraphs that answer the following questions: 1) What was your immediate reaction to the title of the essay? What does social work essay writing service the title lead you to expect from the essay and its writer? 2) Would you describe yourself as someone who is interested in art? If you would, what form does your interest take?What kind of art interests you, and what do you do with it? 3) Has a work of art ever mattered to you-really mattered, in the sense that you would not be the person who you are today if you had not encountered this work? Describe the work and its effect on you in detail.

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Members of the Porter College class of 2020, welcome! Please read this message carefully.It contains the instructions that you will need writing restful web services to complete the summer assignment for the Core Course. Plan to spend between three and four hours on the assignment. As many of you know already, the quarter system at UC Santa Cruz moves at a fast pace.