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Writing assignment for valentine's day

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Valentines DAY: say, lend, vial. Hearts: star, ear, rat. I love MY family: mail, yam, live. Messages from the Heart, spread Valentine love throughout your home by hiding heart messages for your family.Supplies: Hearts cut from red, white, pink, purple, and light-blue paper. Directions: A day or two before writing assignment for valentine's day Valentines Day, have the kids prepare and sign little love messages on their stack of hearts. You can make some too!Then, on Valentines Day, encourage everyone to play Cupid by hiding the message hearts around the house for others to find. Messages can be tucked into shoes, pockets, bedroom or kitchen drawers, in a Bible, under pillows, in the toy box, or into PJs.Everyone will have fun giving and receiving these little love notes! Heartfelt Sentences, give your younger children some sentence-writing practice. Supplies: Colorful hearts cut from construction or scrapbooking paper (or a purchased package of paper hearts glue stick, large sheet of construction paper or sentence strips. Directions: Write words your children can read without help, including family members names, color words, common sight words, number words, and other words they know how to read.

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Eye on Idioms, this interactive essay writers for hire uk resource focuses on idioms and accompanies the ReadWriteThink lesson plan. Figurative Language: Teaching Idioms. When all else fails, you can usually extract some decent writing from your children when it centers on a holiday theme of some sort.With Valentines Day just around the corner, here are some creative (and painless) ways to encourage your kids to write. Vocabulary and Spelling, hidden in Your Heart, encourage vocabulary and spelling development. Supplies: Purchase a package of pre-cut paper hearts, essay writing companies usa or cut your own from scrapbooking or construction paper.Directions: On individual hearts, spell out one of the following words or phrases. Let your child find other words hidden within the longer word or phrase and write them down on a list. Older children can have a contest to see who can come up with the longest list of words.

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Classroom activity, this would be a great day for students to best essay writing uk practice their skills in using poetic devices. Have students find examples of each type of figurative language below, and then write an original example using each device, each time employing the word love : Simile : Love is like an ocean rolling over. Metaphor : Love is a tree with many branches.Personification : Love whispers in your ear. Rhyme : Love sure can stink/Anyone in it might be a fink.Alliteration : Love lightly leaps. When they have finished, students can illustrate their examples, share them with the class, and post them around the room. Websites, theme Poems, this ReadWriteThink interactive tool allows students to create poems about selected themes. For Valentine's Day, they can select a heart from the Celebrations theme.Figurative Language, this page includes definitions of several types of figurative language, including idioms, onomatopoeia, and alliteration. Today in History: Valentine's Day. This resource, from the Library of Congress, explores possible origins of Valentine's Day traditions. Related Library of Congress resources, such as music and photographs, are included.

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Home, classroom Resources, calendar Activities, february 14, event description. Like many holidays, Valentine's Day arose from a confluence of Christian and pagan themes. Originally it was the occasion of a pagan Roman rite called the.Lupercalia, on which young men and women were matched by drawing lots. In the fifth essay do friendship last forever century, the Church changed the emphasis of the festival by making it the commemoration of a Christian priest named Valentine, martyred on this day in 289. Nevertheless, the day's association with romantic love persisted.