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Writing assignment for veterans day

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Choose one major conflict in your country's history and write a short story describing life as it might have been had that conflict never taken place. Interview a veteran about his or her life and experiences. Write a short biographical sketch based on that interview.Write an writing assignment for veterans day essay comparing modern warfare to wars of the past. How are they alike? .

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(A printable guide is available here. brainstorm a list of essay on online courses character traits that you believe a good soldier needs. Choose one or more of these and write an extended definition.Write a newspaper editorial honoring veterans. How might you life be different had men and women in your country's past not been willing to fight for your freedom? .

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"Two students have parents in the military. What does the word "veteran" mean to you? .Brainstorm a list of as many related words as you can and create a word web, or do i need my paper license complete this printable chart. More advanced writers may select ten words to use in an original poem or story. Work with a small group to brainstorm a list of ways you can show your appreciation to/for your nation's veterans. Write a thank you note to a veteran.Write an acrostic poem using the word "veterans." (A printable guide is available here. write a lune poem about soldiers, war, or Veterans Day.

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Writing Prompts for Veterans Day, make a bar graph reflecting the participation do essay writing services really work of students' families in the armed services. Suggested categories include the following: One or both parents currently serving in the military. Another family member currently serving in the military (aunt, uncle, brother, sister, cousin, etc.).No family members currently serving in the military. One or both parents with prior military service.One or more grandparents with prior military service. One or more other family members with prior military service. After compiling the graph, ask students to use the information it supplies to write five true statements.