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Lesson Plan Code: 2W4 Tags: Functional Language Vacations Grammar Listening Vocabulary Reading Writing Speaking, Role Play, Topics. Archived sample - course no longer available.Welcome to a sample of the writing assignment pre intermediate Intermediate Writing Resource. For this sample, only. Unit 2 is available.Several reference tools are available too. You can read the Study Guide and the Writing Tips and work on exercises in the Grammar and Structure section. Please follow the red navigation arrows at the top or bottom of each page to view the sample.

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Lesson Plan Code: 2R5 Tags: Daily Routine Health Medicine Wish You Were Here Target Language: Vacation types, writing a postcard. Description: Students learn specialist vacation vocabulary and then answer reading comprehension questions based on postcards, before writing their own. Lesson Plan Code: 2R6 Tags: Vacations Writing The English Capital Target Language: Using capital letters.Description: When capital letters are used in English and when they are not. Lesson finishes with fun speaking activity: yes, capital letters can be fun!Lesson Plan Code: 2W1 Tags: Sentences Words There Was Once Target Language: Fairy tales, writing modern version of top quality essay writing services traditional stories. Description: An initial reading task where students identify classic fairy tales is followed by several writing tasks that prepare students for the final assignment of rewriting a old-style fairy tale with a modern slant. Lesson Plan Code: 2W2 Tags: Reading Stories Students Welcome Target Language: Writing a letter for information, using formal/informal language. Description: Students read a letter from a language school they are interested in attending and then write a letter to the family they'll be living with, to get more information.Focus on formal/informal language choices and structure of this type of letter. Lesson Plan Code: 2W3 Tags: Functional Language School The Travel Bug Target Language: Basic composition, descriptive vocabulary and phrases. Description: Students read a descriptive description of a vacation trip and then brainstorm other similar vocabulary in preparation for their own short composition.

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Focus on time markers such as then, after, afterwards, before, as soon as, etc. Lesson Plan Code: 2R2, tags: Past Simple. Transport, vacations, the Silver Glove, target Language: Positive and negative adjectives to describe films, books, etc., reading comprehension.Description: Some vocabulary work on the use of positive and negative adjectives to describe movies/TV programs. Then students read six reviews of a movie with accompanying reading comprehension exercise.Final speaking activity allows students to talk about what they like or dislike. Lesson Plan Code: 2R3, tags: Adverbs Adjectives.TV Cinema Just writing a basic essay Married Target Language: Hopes/ambitions/plans, future intentions, reading comprehension. Description: Based around an article about a newly married couple, this lesson looks at some of the language of expressing future plans, hopes and ambitions. Lesson Plan Code: 2R4 Tags: Love Marriage Healthy Living Target Language: Health and Fitness, reading comprehension. Description: Students speak about good and bad health habits before looking at some leaflets aimed at young people and discussing their own thoughts on this important issue.

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Grammar, listening, vocabulary, reading Writing, speaking, Role Play, Topics. Reading, i've Been A Secretary, target Language: Present perfect, past simple to talk about life writing a self reflective essay experiences; work.Description: Talking about life experiences and especially jobs that you have done. Main activity is a jigsaw reading activity which gets students using present perfect or past simple tenses.Lesson Plan Code: 2R1, tags: Jobs Work. Present Perfect, the Mediterranean Mermaid, target Language: Time markers, there is/there are review. Description: Following the sometimes painful adventures of two honeymooners and their letters home.