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the Giants are headquartered in writing names of companies San Francisco, not The Giants is headquartered in San Francisco. (But The San Francisco Giants baseball team is in the National League of Major League Baseball, and The team is headquartered in San Francisco.).In American English usage, metonymic team references, in which a team is referred to by the place name rather than the mascot name, are in singular form: Orlando is on its way to the playoffs, and San Francisco is in a slump. In the United Kingdom and other countries where British English is standard, a distinction is made between the organization and the athletes as a group: In the former case, the singular form is used (The Manchester United Football Club is the most successful football club. Click here to get access to 800 interactive grammar exercises! Related Articles 9 Responses to How to Treat Names of Groups and Organizations.Kristinon August 22, 2011 10:36. This was very helpful as always. I was told that you should never add an s to a company or brand name,.g. What are your thoughts?Carole Devineon August 22, 2011 11:56. Arent the following two statements contradictory? I dont get.

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(But a short form of the name would not be preceded by the article: Dow is write a detailed report headquartered in Midland, Michigan. Usage in corporation names complicates matters somewhat, however. Some firms that include company help writing a thesis statement for research paper in their name precede the name with the, and others dont. (Careful writers and editors will check company literature for proper usage, or delegate the task to a fact-checker.) The same problem occurs when corporation is part of the name: For example, Microsoft Corporation omits the in its official corporate name, but many other such entities.Number agreement of proper nouns and verbs is also a significant issue. For example, in American English, names of music ensembles, whether orchestras or pop groups, are matched with singular or plural verbs depending on the name: Led Zeppelin was an English rock band, not Led Zeppelin were an English rock band. The Beatles were an English rock band, Not the Beatles was an English rock band. (Note, also, that the, when it precedes a band name, is not capitalized, even if band documentation uses a capitalized the.however, British English employs plural verbs regardless of the form of the band name: Led Zeppelin were an English rock band, and The Beatles were an English rock band. In the United States, names of athletic teams are always treated as plural, regardless of whether the name is a singular or plural term: The Magic are headquartered in Orlando, Florida, not The Magic is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. (Note that the house style of the. New York Times is an exception.

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Not every company has an abbreviation like "Ltd" or "LLC so you won't always see one. By Mark Nichol, proper names create challenges for writers and editors trying to identify an organizational entity in a way that is both accurate and graceful. For example, in general, if you would precede the name of an entity with the article the in speech, do so in writing, and if not, dont. This rule applies to organizations: Your charitable donation to the March of Dimes helps fund our mission, not Your charitable donation to March of Dimes helps fund our mission.(The organizations Web site lists the copyright holder as March of Dimes Foundation, with no article, but refers to itself throughout the site as the March of Dimes.). Save the Children has instituted rigorous standards in the communities it supports, not The Save the Children has instituted rigorous standards in the communities it supports.(One could write the Save the Children philanthropic organization to provide context, but the philanthropic organization Save the Children is more elegant.). It is also relevant to corporations: GlaxoSmithKline PLC writing a research paper in apa is headquartered in London, not The GlaxoSmithKline PLC is headquartered in London. The Dow Chemical Company is headquartered in Midland, Michigan, not Dow Chemical Company is headquartered in Midland, Michigan.

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The name of a company is a proper noun-like a person's name, or a country. GrammarGirl tutorial explains that writing a reference essay you need to capitalize proper nouns.The comma is necessary, because "Taobao Network., Ltd." is how the company registered their name. However, you will find that most company titles are of the form "Company Name, Type of Company".An "LTD" is: a business incorporated under the laws of England, Wales, Scotland, Canada, other Commonwealth countries, the Republic of Ireland, Cyprus, Israel and some Anglophone countries in Africa, like Ghana or Nigeria. So the comma separates the part of the full title.