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Writing on yellow paper memory

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A psychologist friend of mine once told me a long time ago (well before 3M made a killing on Post-It notes) that it was red ink on yellow paper which was the writing on yellow paper memory most striking combination. Dave's boards: incandescent Posts: 255 From: Perth, Western Australia Registered: Oct 2002 IP: Logged Lainie Ding Dong! Merrily on High Definition TV posted": Originally posted by beaver_slayer: Actually, during my college days I preferred notebooks with bad greyish-yellowish paper over nice white ones - I found them more comfortable to use.The high contrast of dark ink against bright white paper can be hard on the eyes. I think that's why steno notebooks are pale green.How homophobic do you have to be to have penguin gaydar? Lewis Black Posts: 8322 From: Columbus, OH Registered: Aug 2005 IP: Logged Auntie Witch It Came Upon a Midnight Clearance posted I don't know about yellow paper improving memory, but there is evidence colored overlays can improve reading in LD or dyslexic children. I have students who read better and comprehend better using overlays, and the color that "works" varies from child to child.This increase in comprehension could be misconstrued as an increase in memory, because the child can answer questions about what they read better when they use the overlays. ETA: Here is a better site. I don't know much about the disorder on the first page. I just know overlays work.

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That aside, I guess it would make a little essay help in toronto sense. Yellow in nature is a warning to other creatures to stay away.I suppose there may be a link between seeing yellow and the "lizard" brain which could trigger memory about whatever was ON the yellow paper., it can't rain all the time. Posts: 1102, from: Iowa, registered: Oct 2004, iP: Logged. Tantei Kijo, the First USA Noel posted, i've read in various places that black print on yellow is the most, er, attention grabbing (clear?) combination of colors. It could be a theory along the lines that if it grabs your attention the most it'll help your memory that way.Probably not significantly though, if true., bender: Though you may have to make a metaphorical "deal with the devil". And by "devil I mean the robot devil, and by "metaphorically" I mean get your coat. My sad site: A new way to be bored. Posts: 722, from: Colorado, registered: Mar 2004.IP: Logged, stew Christmas in Kill Barney posted It must be why lawyers use it! Posts: 28 From: Texas Registered: Oct 2005 essay writing service london ontario IP: Logged beaver_slayer Deck the Malls posted Actually, during my college days I preferred notebooks with bad greyish-yellowish paper over nice white ones - I found them more comfortable to use. Posts: 246 From: Toronto, ON / Kyiv, Ukraine Registered: Jul 2005 IP: Logged First Amongst Daves Deck the Malls posted": Originally posted by Tantei Kabocha: I've read in various places that black print on yellow is the most, er, attention grabbing (clear?) combination. Probably not significantly though, if true.

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He told us that he had heard from a psychologist friend that the combination of red on yellow was helpful with memory. My associate confirmed what I remembered was valid by finding some established research on the yellow on red topic and sure enough she found data that showed the combination of red on yellow was effective in assisting people with memorizing information. This writing service in android doesnt prove anything about yellow and black versus yellow and red but it does show that using colors can be an effective tool in helping with memory.I am not dyslexic but I know I process information in a very right brained fashion and remember that particular class was one of the least stressful classes in the Civil Engineering program. I got better marks on average and a lot of that information seems to have stuck with me to this day. Happy Trails, howie deGraaf, editor for Dyslexia Victoria Online, update: November 26, 2010.An article we found on research with red for memory. By PAM belluck and another study.Author, topic: Yellow paper improves memory snopes, return! Posted, comment: I was just wondering if you know anything about the rumor that taking notes on yellow paper helps improve your memory. Posts: 36029, from: Admin, registered: Feb 2000, iP: Logged. Nion, we Three Blings posted, this sounds like a bad joke about Post-It Notes.

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Recently I where to buy paper in sydney was discussing with Karen Hope, the co-founder of Dyslexia Victoria Online, how colors help people, with dyslexic issues, retain the spelling of individual words. She said that research shows yellow paper with black text is an effective tool with helping memory.When she told me about this I remembered something I had learned about ten years ago. I was enrolled in a local Technical College in a 2 year Civil Engineering Technology program. The entire program was extremely intense with lots of short duration courses.I can still remember how overwhelmed I was with all the new information I had to learn. One of the instructors insisted that we do all of our rough calculations and drawings for the multi-page engineering problems on yellow paper but with red ink. There were about 20 students in the class and none of us had heard of this method of recording our work.