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When prompted, type a name for your theme and save. Install GoSMS from the Play Store (see Resources.) Launch the app. Select "Menu" followed by writing paper go sms theme "Themes" and "DIY Theme" from the Installed tab. Choose "Settings and select the "Advanced" tab.Touch "Appearance Settings and then select "Conversation Customization" from the conversation section. Select "Incoming Background Color" or "Outgoing Background Color" to change bubble colors. Like the other apps, use the three slides to change color, and utilize the fourth to adjust transparency. Press the "Back" button twice to return to the settings options.

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Launch Chomp SMS (see Resources) and press the "Menu" button. Choose "Settings" and touch "Customize Look" followed by "Conversation.". Select the incoming or outgoing bubble settings.Use the red, green and blue color sliders to order paper roe online pick your ideal background color. Move the "Transparency" slider to the left to increase cheapest essay writing service review transparency or to the right to decrease. Press the "Back" button twice to exit the options.

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Launch Handcent (see Resources.) Touch the star icon to open the menu. Select "Settings" followed by "Custom Style" and "Bubble Settings.". Select "Outgoing Bubble Color." Move the red, blue and green sliders until you find a color that you like.You can also choose your desired level of transparency by moving writing essays for money illegal the Transparency slider. Press the back button and choose "Incoming Bubble Color." Repeat the process to find a color to use behind texts that you receive. When prompted, save your theme.

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By Nicole online help exams paper Martinez, changing bubble colors on your Droid helps differentiate between messages that you send and receive. George Frey/Getty Images News/Getty Images, the default messaging app on your Droid might appear a little bland or even difficult to read to your eyes.Switching the background color of the bubble behind your text isn't possible with default apps, but free third-party apps such as Chomp SMS, GoSMS Pro and HandCent allow you to do this. In fact, you can even apply different bubble colors for incoming and outgoing messages or make them match the rest of your theme.