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If for some God-forsaken reason your teacher made you write an outline, then you should definitely steal as many words as possible from that. Just throw random words in at this point. The words strategy, domesticity, compliance, interactivity and really anything with more than six letters will apply here. You will have a paragraph if you do all this.Repeat these past few writing paper last minute steps a couple more times, depending on how long that paper. If its only a page, stop, but if its three to five pages, might want to loop back to the second step a few more times.

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Your teacher will think you actually did the reading. In the comments, they will probably underline this sentence and put a checkmark or good point next. After that, go back and check your notebook.Those bullet points copied word for word from the PowerPoint in class are going to come writing an essay of comparison in handy. Try and turn some of those into complete sentences.For example, if you have the bullet point social media effective w/ young demos, you would turn that into a beautifully crafted sentence such as, studies suggest that when it comes to selling products to the 18-35 demographic, there are many optimal the custom house essay summary routes, but social. Nice and easy, and you did not really add anything. Afterward, youll add a few more sentences in a similar manner, just copying bullet points.

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Youd pull something from the back of your head having to do with general write a report on bank robbery Lee. Thats his name, right? Theres not enough time to google it, so well rely on fourth grade knowledge.Most sentences will be broad statements or in the past tense. Finally your last sentence will begin with finally, because its your thesis statement youll make a very bold claim, the hot take of the academic world, and probably the same thing everybody else is saying, and forget you have to back it up in the. In this first body paragraph, we start with a topic sentence.State a piece of evidence that backs up the thesis statement. We learned this in third grade so it should not be that hard. If your thesis said pigeons are the worst type of animal, begin with the fact that they have high disease rates, you assume.Do not give any real facts yet just make a claim that seems right. Its just like writing a news story. After you go re-check your thesis statement and come up with a piece of evidence, look at a reading from class, and the first sentence you see, just use. Throw some"s around it and hope that its thought-provoking enough to pass as evidence.

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Josh Feinblatt, double Spaced.1 Inch Margins, as much information to take up as much space as possible, rewording of the Assignment Title. This first sentence is a hook, and it starts out with something to the effect of since the beginning of American history, or another broad statement.In the introductory paragraph, youll put around five sentences or so just talking about common knowledge for your topic. If you were talking about a specific battle an essay on help in hindi of the civil war, youd give a bunch of information about Abraham Lincoln and the south.