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So a car and a house. Yes, thats obviously the writing paper man emoji literal translation. But it could also mean I am going home.Or it could mean I left the car at home. Or it could even mean a cars house, aka garagesince there isnt a dedicated character for that.Emoji Lingo Cheat Sheet :running: :clock330: Running late :thumbsup: :four_leaf_clover: Good luck :honeybee: :speak_no_evil: Be quiet :point_right: :traffic_light: :girl: You go girl :eyes: :point_right: :soon: See you soon :tada: :alarm_clock: Party time :telephone_receiver: :point_up: Call me :no_good: :tea: Not my cup of tea :nut_and_bolt: :point_right. But emojis have a useful ambiguity, says Mark Davis, the president and co-founder of Unicode, the group charged with defining the characters for all :iphone: :computer: including emoji characters.He believes they are best used as an adjunct to textespecially in social mediahelping to make up for the the lack of gestures, facial expressions and intonation found in speech. smiley: :sunglasses: :muscle: :dancer: :iphone: :hourglass: :straight_ruler: :link: :book: :heavy_plus_sign: :stew: :yum: :large_blue_circle: :sunflower: :joy:,. "Emojis are strongest in social media: in quick, short messages where they connect with the reader and add flavor, color and emotion.". He thought I was a bit :chestnut: :chestnut: :chestnut: for even attempting to write the first part of this article strictly in :smiley.

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Instagram, specifically, says nearly :four: :zero: of the text posts on its apps contain emojis. Dominos even lets you order a pie now via tweet with just a :pizza. What if emoji werent just for text messages and tweets? WSJs Joanna Stern brings the wildly popular pictograms into the real world and provides some tips on how to learn the crazy new language.Photo/video: Drew Evans/The Wall Street Journal. Emoji is the new lingua franca.And like learning any new language, brain power, practice and tricks are requiredespecially for an idiom that has :poop: and :ghost: but no equal sign. Unfortunately, there is no :rose: :gem: for emoji yet, so this week I took it upon myself to create my own :smiley: :school: and become a better emoji-unicator. Understand the Language, my first :signal_strength: was understanding that :smiley: is unlike any other language out there. Yes, a small character can be a substitute for a word, or many wordssimilar to Chinese.But taken together, the language lacks the grammar, vocabulary, syntax and semantics of a true language. The result can be complete and utter ambiguity, which is why most are confused by a string of characters sewn together. Take, for instance, this coupling: :car: online will writing services any good :house.

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So I decided. Oh, I give up!Theyre so much easier. peach: as much as I want to :running: from these cartoons, I :no_entry:.They are rapidly seeping into the vernacular of the :globe_with_meridians.Its a :anchor: or :swimmer: situation. I get homework help in brooklyn :e-mail: now with little characters in the subject line. My text messages and social media feeds are increasingly full of :smiley: -only sentences or thoughts.

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I pride myself on being good at expressing myself in words and even video. But I'm ashamed of how bad I am at writing in emoji.Trying to decipher all these tiny pictures feels like rocket science. Have you understood any of this article so far, or is it just frustrating? Is this really brain school paper puzzle help the future of digital communications?Nine variations of a cat face?! But whether we word lovers like it or not, emojis are here to stay. Their popularity has skyrocketed, and the emoji palette has been growing on smartphones and computers.