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Somewhere deep inside of this Angular world, theres this code that calls eate with the writing services in angular service constructor function, when it gets instantiated. However, a factory function is really just a function that gets called, which is why we have to return an object explicitly.To make that a bit more clear, we can simply take a look at the Angular source code. Heres what the factory function looks like: function factory(name, factoryFn, enforce) return provider(name, $get: enforce!EnforceReturnValue(name, factoryFn) : factoryFn It takes the name and the factory function that is passed and basically returns a provider with the same name, that has a $get method which is our factory function. So what is it with this provider thing? Well, whenever you ask the injector for a specific dependency, it basically asks the corresponding provider for an instance of that service, by calling the $get method. Thats why $get is required, when creating providers.In other words, if we inject MyService somewhere, what happens behind the scenes is: MyServiceProvider.$get / return the instance of the service. Alright, factory functions just get called, what about the service code? Heres another snippet: function service(name, constructor) return factory(name, '$injector function($injector) return $stantiate(constructor Oh look, it turns out that when we call service it actually calls factory. But it doesnt just pass our service constructor function to the factory as.

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Factory MyService function make me laugh essay return sayHello: function console. Log hello Again,.factory is a method on our module and it also takes a name and a function, that defines the writing a research paper guidelines factory. We can inject and use that thing exactly the same way we did with the service.Now what is the difference here? Well, you might see that instead of working with this in the factory, were returning an object literal. It turns out, a service is a constructor function whereas a factory is not.

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It turns out that this question still pops up every week or so on different channels, and even after reading the top ten answers on StackOverflow, its still not very clear. Despite that, it also appears that the current resources on the web dont really promote the actual best practice, especially if we consider the recent movements of the web platform. ES6 Im looking at you! This article explains once and for all the difference between services and factories and why we want to prefer services over factories.The difference between services and factories. Okay, so what is the difference between a service essay about service delivery and a factory in AngularJS? As we all know, we can define a service like this: rvice MyService function yHello function console.Log hello ;.service is a method on our module that takes a name and a function that defines the service. Once defined, we can inject and use that particular service in other components, like controllers, directives and filters, like this: ntroller AppController function (MyService) yHello / logs 'hello' Okay, clear. Now the same thing as a factory: app.

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Angular Master Class in Freiburg, join our upcoming public training in Germany! Get a ticket, wait, what?Yet another article that answers the big question: Service vs Factory, what should I use? Yes, it seems that this is not needed anymore, since there are a ton of resources in the internet that discuss that topic.